5 Games That Made A Difference

When you take history into account, you’ll see remarkable things that seem to pop out of nowhere or that things happen all of a sudden that will shape how the future generation lives. Those things happen in the video game industry too. Games like Pacman, Donkey Kong, Space Invaders, and etc. were so big, they were like shouting at the whole world with a blow horn. They made this huge impact to kids everywhere, even making them decide how they see themselves in the future. Well, it’s the 21st century, and boy how things have changed. Sure enough there isn’t just one game that really stood out. For the console generation, there are hundreds and maybe even thousands that could fall under the category of forever imprinting itself in our psyche. With everyone having their own games that changed their lives, I’ll show you 5 games that made a difference to me.

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Most Anticipated Games Of 2013

Last year saw the releases of games such as The Walking Dead: The Game(later would be announced as 2012’s game of the year), Max Payne 3, Transformers: Fall of Cybertron, Assassin’s Creed 3, and Call of Duty: Black Ops II. These are only the tip of the iceberg on what seems like a vast amount of game releases. Clearly game developers would want to up the ante on the games they plan on releasing the next year. Fans are clammoring over the titles I’m about to show you, provided you too are excited about these. One was, for some reason, been delayed its timely realease and is postponed to the end of 2013. Anyway, with the break GameVain had, let’s start off this year with some previews that’ll really make your mouth water.

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Top 10 Best Zombie Games

With Resident Evil: Retribution coming out on September and the 3rd season of AMC’s The Walking Dead at around the same time(October). Not to mention the monumental 100th issue of Image Comics’ best selling title The Walking Dead(basis for the tv show) coming out this week. All these made me think and I thought I’d make an article about the top 10 best zombie video games to date.  There aren’t any restrictions on the console/system the game is played on. As long as they are video games, they could make the cut. Here are MY Top 10 zombie games of all time.

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First Photo Of Michonne From The Walking Dead

Here I go again with another post about The Walking Dead. Well, if you still haven’t read the comics, played the game, or even watched the first and second season of the hit show, go ahead and be ashamed of yourself. Seriously. The Walking Dead really is a good Zombie Epic that focuses more on character development rather than the usual hack-and-slash zombie gore, though they obviously haven’t forgotten that aspect at all.

The Walking Dead started as a comic book created by Robert Kirkman(Writer) and Tony Moore(Artist) back in 2003. Now, it has grown to a global popular culture phenom. A hit tv show is already in its production of the 3rd season, the comic book is nearing its 100th issue with an overwhelming 9+ covers, and a popular video game which already sold millions(Courtesy of ComicBookResources.com).

At the end of the second season, a hooded lady appeared which sent chills and excitement down every fan of The Walking Dead. This woman is named Michonne, who is an integral character and an important asset in the comic book series. Naturally, people have searched the internet for answers regarding who the actress is playing the role of Michonne. Her name is Danai Gurria and AMC.com just released a photo of Danai in her Michonne get-up.

Here you go:

The Walking Dead: The Game Finally Bites Its Way Into Your Console

I’ve been talking about The Walking Dead since I started working here, only because it’s worth all the words. You might think, “Oh, not another zombie game.” Well, it isn’t actually. What sets The Walking Dead: The Game apart from almost every zombie game out there is its unique way to emphasize character development and its character-driven stories. You see, back in 2003, The Walking Dead comic book started its inevitable rise to mainstream America thanks to writer Robert Kirkman and artist Tony Moore. That’s right, it was a comic book first before becoming a tv show. Since then, The Walking Dead was and still to this day praised by millions of fans, not because of the hack and slash, gory, and violent depiction of zombies and ways to kill them. Which, by the way, current artist Charlie Adlard and inker/colorist Cliff Rathburn are doing an exceptional work. It is because of the story of a man and his struggle to survive. Questions like “what if a man is put in a certain situation, what will he do to survive and keep everyone around him safe?” was clearly studied extensively by the series’ writer Robert Kirkman.

The same goes for the video game, eerily similar to the award-winning book. A man whose past must not delve into the present, is put in tragic and self-contemplating circumstances, now must find his way to endure everything that is being thrown at him. You still want to sink your teeth into this game? No worries. The first episode of the five-episodic series is out today on Playstation Network, Xbox Live Arcade, Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X, and iOS for only $4.99. Also, you will be able to pre-purchase the entire season for as low as $19.99 which would give you a savings of $4.99 and an exclusive theme for your PlayStation 3 console.

Here are the themes:



Also, the next episodes are released one month after the other. Expect to enjoy your summer with blood and gore.

If you want more information on this batboy to slightly lean you towards into buying this game, I have dug this up from Youtube and have made them available for you to watch right here on our site. Thanks to Machinima, we are given an inside look at the gameplay of this game, which is not included in my previous The Walking Dead: The Game post. The guys from Machina have sat down with one of the game’s developers from Telltale games and gives us and in-depth summary of the things to come. Highlighting some key issues and character cameos and supporting roles. Be sure to watch these videos.


Getting Bit By A Zombie Has Its Perks


For Mac and PC gamers, when you pre-order Telltale Game’s The Walking Dead: The Game, you will be entered for a contest to win as one of 5 roles as a zombie within the game. Ultimately, one lucky participant will get the chance of being cartoon-ized and have a cameo in the game, gets turned into a zombie, comes back to life, and then is killed again by the main character. Now that is cool. You need to hurry up though. The first episode, since its an episodic game, will be released on the 25th of April, 2012(according to wikipedia.com). Pre-order here: http://www.telltalegames.com/walkingdead/preorder-contest and get zombified!



And you thought a zombie bite was horrible, think again my friend. It is now fun and worth your time.

Walking Dead Action Figures Now Available at GameStop!

I happened to walk into my neighborhood GameStop today and notice that they had an assortment of Walking Dead action figures. The action figures are priced at about 12$ and are all really bad ass. You can get Deputy Rick Grimes action figurine with an bunch of zombie killing devices to equip him with, check out the one I bought below.

This is the zombie you see like 15 times in the pilot.
I am such a fucking nerd.

House of the Dead: Overkill (Crossbow Preview)

HOTD Overkill Crossbow

The feeling of excitement due to the start of the 2nd season of The Walking Dead combined with my oversized zombie fetish has burdened me with the need for some zombie killing.

What better way to release this frustration than to try out the crossbow in the new House of the Dead: Overkill – Extended Cut??? Now excuse me while I go off and pretend to be a redneck racist…