New app for Skyrim Leaves Little to be Desired

So from time to time I head into the Apple app store and search video game titles to see what pops up, and this time it paid off in a big way. IGN recently released a new app for Skyrim. The app, which is free, gives you just about anything that you would want in a video game app. The app offers wallpapers, interactive maps, Wiki guides, videos, a skill tree planner, voice reference and social network connectivity and sharing.

Now, I probably should’ve popped in Skyrim today to test out things like the maps section and the walk through videos…but I got busy and didn’t. Never the less, this still seems to be a top notch app. It’s intuitive, simple, seemingly helpful and most of all everything can be accessed within the app. I really like this feature. In the past I’ve had apps that want to take you through your browser to get to certain features, especially videos, which can be bothersome.

I’ll be trying this app out in greater details and I hope it holds up to the initial impression. Either way though, it’s getting me back into Skyrim which I haven’t played in months…so it at least has that going for it.

Dan Bull’s Back: Another Skyrim Rap

About half a year ago, the video game rapper Dan Bull wrote a song to celebrate the arrival of Bethesda’s Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, and holy crap was that awesome. Six months later, he comes back to celebrate the coming of Skyrim’s side story Breaking Dawn Dawnguard. It still keeps the same background music but the lyrics are still sick.

He doesn’t just do Skyrim raps either. He’s all over the place with these video game raps including League of Legends, Battlefield 3, Mass Effect, etc. Check out his channel here!

Skyrim Kinect Support Is Now Available in English, Monolinguals Rejoice

An update for the English Kinect is now available for the Xbox 360. A complete list of the voice commands can be found at this link. If you’re waiting on the French, German, Italian and Spanish versions; you’re going to have to wait a little bit longer as they are all in final testing.

Video below.

(ty BethBlog)

Skyrim Predicts the Super Bowl?

I always dread the week or two before Super Bowl Sunday. Don’t get me wrong, I love a good football game and the Super Bowl is usually fairly entertaining. What I’m beginning to hate are all the “______ predicts the Super Bowl” videos that flood YouTube around this time. I mean come on, a monkey takes a dump on a Patriot’s logo and people will somehow claim that team a “winner.” Some random guy’s dog will look at the blue piece of paper for two whole seconds and it somehow means the Giants will be victorious. The most brilliant videos however are the ones that feature Giants fans predicting that the Giants will win a game between the Giants and some other team. The folks at The1UPNetwork however, think they have found the next big way to predict the winner of the Super Bowl… with Skyrim.

I get the brutes with clubs symbolizing the Giants football team, and I guess the Stormcloak Patriots can fill in for New England Pats… but what’s gonna happen next year if say the Browns (a color) and the 49ers (a number) make it to the big game? Just sayin’.

Skyrim’s Super Secret Surprise… for PC












Damn, that sexy S alliteration was going so well. Prose aside, it look’s like Skyrim PC gamer’s are going to be treated to something unique this Tuesday. Pete Hines announced, via Tweet, that a “Creation Kit” will be released along with an extra feature.

No one knows what that feature is, but that hasn’t stopped the internet detectives from hypothesizing. Perhaps a high resolution texture pack? Hmmm, I guess we will find out soon!

Skyrim Voice Cast: Andy Richter

So apparently, Andy Richter was a voice actor to Skyrim. Which voices did he do? A lot. Here’s the video of Andy’s voice in action. Now that I think about it, it really does sound like him. Huh.

All jokes aside, its pretty neat how popular Skyrim has become. It’s even popular enough to show up in mainstream television. Of course we have always seen stuff like this, WoW, StarCraft 2 (in Korea), and Halo, etc. etc. But the continued publicity only makes interactive entertainment a more… socially acceptable hobby. And that, in the end, is all that matters. Right?




The Skyrim Creation Kit

That’s right. If you’re not done exploring the world of Skyrim, fear not, because there’s… going to be a lot more to explore with the mod tool Bethesda is adding in. What makes this really neat is that it works with the Steam app, helping you find mods you like and helping modders get their designs out into the internet. They’re even making a wiki to help newcomers in designing their mods. The best part is that it’s free. Unfortunately there is no release date announced yet but we can expect it to be out probably within the next three or so months. If you’re interested feel free to watch the forums for the release date here.