Debut trailer for Dishonored

Jump below to watch the debut trailer for Dishonored, by Skyrim creator Bethesda and Arkane Studios. In Dishonored you are a supernatural assassin who has been framed for the murder of the Empress, who you once used to protect. In this neo-victorian game you will be able to destroy your enemy by use of weapons, supernatural abilities and strange gadgets in the Steam punk inspired city of Dunwall.


Poképark 2: Wonders Beyond for Wii – launched today!

Today launched PokéPark 2: Wonders Beyond game for Wii! Pikachu and have to work together in order to discover the secrets of the mysterious Wish Park and save all the missing Pokémon. In this awesome game players will be able to play as either Pikachu or his friends – Oshawott, Tepig and Snivy. You’ll need to switch between these four Pokémon considering that all Pokémon have different abilities.

Players will be able to experience battles, activities and attractions. In battles, players will go head-to-head against other Pokémon. Activities will allow you to befriend other Pokémon while you play hide and seek. Finally, attractions will allow up to four people to participate allowing your friends and family to fly through space while racing around the stars and dance.

New Mario Tennis Open Trailer!

Mario Tennis Open, on the Nintendo 3DS, will launch May 20th! This game will support local and online multiplayer modes and can support up to four players, at once. Teaser trailer below.

German Trailer – Spirit Camera: Das Verfluchte Tagebuch

Of the Fatal Frame series, this upcoming augmented reality horror game’s trailer will surely send a tingle down your spine! Already released in Japan, Spirit Camera will be released later this year in both North American and European markets on the Nintendo 3DS, I know I cannot wait.

View trailer below.

Biological Outbreak Control in a Box – PROTOTYPE 2 Blackwatch Collector’s Edition Confirmed

Trailer below!

Minecraft Pranks

Old news, but I’m surprised it wasn’t posted yet. We’re all familiar with the term “pranking”, “griefing”, etc. MineCraft is no virgin to this as public and private servers alike are often invaded by people looking to set a few things on fire. But this goes beyond the player level of griefing. Yes, if you look closely at the above picture, you will notice something inserted in the single player button that was supposed to be the African translation of going solo.

“In these snapshots there are about 50 language files translated by the community, and it happens that they are ruined by pranksters,” Bergensten said. “Players are quick to find and fix these, so they are removed in the next snapshot.”

“Snapshot builds” are useful to Mojang because they help identify bugs and provide feedback on new features in progress. It’s also a way to show eager, avid users what is coming next.

However, as “snapshot builds” are pushed out weekly, this code won’t be fixed to remove the offensive language until the next build rolls out, which Bergensten said will be Thursday.”


This version is not available to everyone as only a few have come across this. Although it may be funny to some, let’s hope something like this doesn’t happen again for the sake of keeping Mojang’s rep intact.

Australia’s Syndicate ban “regrettable” according to EA

I'm not violent, I'm just misunderstood

We found out yesterday that our favorite land down under, simply refused to classify EA’s Syndicate, stating that,”the game’s focus on dismemberment and gunplay as some of the main reasons it exceeds the country’s 15+ maximum rating requirements.” Earlier today, EA issued a response.

“It’s regrettable that government policy in Australia is denying adults the right to play Syndicate,” said an EA rep in a statement to press, adding, “The game will be not be available in Australia despite its enthusiastic response from fans.”

I’m not at all surprised with this, again this is the same country that banned Silent Hill.


Crush Tutorial Trailer

Happy hump day everyone! Here is a sweet trailer, that is also a tutorial, for Sega’s Crush3D. Crush3D is a puzzle video game on Nintendo 3DS that allows you to switch from 2D to 3D and back, for the best puzzle game play you have seen since PS1’s Intelligent Qube. Please have a look at the trailer below to learn how to play this awesome game!

Ever had legendary curry?

itadakimasu~ I will now eat legendary curry

A cute video was released for the PS3 game, Ni no kuni or The Another World. This video is only about one thing, legendary curry. (伝説のビーフカレー/Densetsu no bifukare) I hope the characters in-game are this excited about other things, like us controlling them while we make dumb decisions. This game is released November 17, 2011 in Japan!