NIS to Publish The Witch and the Hundred Knight Early 2014 in US and EU


Not very much is known about NIS’s upcoming release, The Witch and The Hundred Knight; except it’s an RPG and has a release window of early 2014. The plot seems throwaway and garden variety for the “quirky” JRPG genre, but, like everything NIS publishes, it’s oozing with style.

Unfortunately, I’ve been burned on style more than a couple times.

Key features of this upcoming title include a combo system complete with dodge mechanic, time manipulation, and both Japanese and English voice tracks.

As was the case with the PSP, the end of the PS3 life cycle looks to be rich with oddball JRPGs and I couldn’t be more happy with some of the late PSP releases in this genre (Class of Heroes 2 and Black Rock Shooter come to mind). If the trend remains, I couldn’t be more excited.

Though this is mostly because I cannot afford a next gen console at launch.

New Screens for The Guided Fate Paradox dood!


NIS Games are historically hit or miss, but I am particularly excited for The Guided Fate Paradox™ since

  • It’s a roguelike and I adore NIS’s PSP roguelike Z.H.P.: Unlosing Ranger VS. Darkdeath Evilman
  • Full HD sprites. After Disgaea 4 I cannot get enough HD sprites in my life
  • Art by the legendary Noizi Ito, illustrator for The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya

Apparently, the game has a story too, but story is probably the least important element of roguelike games.

Click to see all of the new screens, and comment below if you think you’ll be picking this one up!

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Hotline Miami Confirmed for PSN Next Week!

Pixels, because it would be rated AO otherwise

Pixels, because it would be rated AO otherwise

One of the best PC indie releases is getting the red carpet treatment on PSN next week. Cross buy enabled (buy it once for PS3 and Vita), get ready for some great action, puzzle-like design, music engineered to play with your senses, and a beautifully surrealist story all in one drug induced bloody great package.

Hopefully this means the Vita edition of Lone Survivor isn’t far off!!

Tom’s Shorts Thoughts: sdrawkcaB eb ot duorP

Tom's Shorts Thoughts are based on only a loose understanding of facts or reality. They are not in any way journalism.

Tom’s Shorts Thoughts are based on only a loose understanding of facts or reality. They are not in any way journalism.

Both Microsoft and Sony have made it clear with their latest consoles that backward compatibility is not on the docket. Microsoft took things one step too far though. When asked about why the Xbox One will not feature it, Don Mattrick – head of interactive entertainment business – said to The Wall Street Journal, “If you’re backwards compatible, you’re really backwards,” and justifying that statement with the statistic of only 5% of users take advantage of backwards compatibility.

I want to take a second and let that one stew; according to Microsoft, users who are the most loyal to their console and brand are the ones who are truly backwards. Your users, who gladly go and purchase copies of original Xbox titles because they love your games and console, and that quote is basically taking a shit on their collective faces from the puckered, hemroid infested, red ringed anus of Microsoft.

I very often hear the argument that backwards compatibility is a non issue since no one will care in about 4 years. I may have agreed with that in the past, but I definitely do not agree with it now. In an age where I can invest hundreds of dollars into non physical media and have those games bound to an account (or in Nintendo’s case, hardware) and be flat out told that not only can I not use those games anymore, but I can’t even sell them for trade in credit to help offset the cost of a next generation console is heartbreaking.

So with that in mind, fuck off to everyone with the attitude that backwards compatibility is for backwards people. I have a PC that can still proudly play Diablo II. There are no goddamn excuses.

Games that Defined the Generation

Games that Defined the Generation

Two weeks ago, I asked the Gamevain staff to write up their picks for games of the generation. Per my usual, I gave as little restrictions as possible, because I will publish anything. The result has exceeded my expectations. Mark kicked us off with some amazing titles that will be remembered for years. Anne Marie reminded us that influential can come from the most humble origins, and Austin removed generational barriers to bring us a fantastic lineup that will continue to shape how games are made.

So what does that leave me with?

I’ve been called a video game hipster before, and by looking at my list, I would be hard pressed to argue against that accusation. My own personal tastes in games does tend to fall into the indie territory. Even for my non indie picks, they certainly are not mainstream. I think this has less to do with my love of indie and more for my love of retro games. I enjoy arcade style games that want you to dump more quarters into it because they’re unfair. I adore old style graphics because of the range of emotions that can be expressed with pixels. I especially am fond of demonstrations of putting fun before all other aspects. With those ideals in mind, lets look at my personal picks for the games of the generation.
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5 Games That Made A Difference

When you take history into account, you’ll see remarkable things that seem to pop out of nowhere or that things happen all of a sudden that will shape how the future generation lives. Those things happen in the video game industry too. Games like Pacman, Donkey Kong, Space Invaders, and etc. were so big, they were like shouting at the whole world with a blow horn. They made this huge impact to kids everywhere, even making them decide how they see themselves in the future. Well, it’s the 21st century, and boy how things have changed. Sure enough there isn’t just one game that really stood out. For the console generation, there are hundreds and maybe even thousands that could fall under the category of forever imprinting itself in our psyche. With everyone having their own games that changed their lives, I’ll show you 5 games that made a difference to me.

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DMC: Devil May Cry

DMC: Devil May Cry
Publisher: Capcom
Developer: Ninja Theory
Released: January 15, 2013
Available On: {PS3} and Xbox 360

This review is not a complete game review! I’ve only spent a few hours with it and already fell in love with the wonders that is DMC. While there may be more that occurs in the game that may change those feelings (doubtful), I felt I had enough of the game to grasp it and review it!
Many have played the past games of Devil May Cry; you know the white haired badass Dante who runs a shop called Devil May Cry. Yeah no, this is not that Dante, for starters they made his hair black! I mean, it’s Dante, the guy’s hair is supposed to be white! They do in this game put a white wig on him, making him look like the original Dante, but he mutters not in a million years, as he pulls it off. This version is a reboot, they’re starting from scratch and that means everything. While you should expect to get goose bumps and enjoyment out of this game, do not expect to get nostalgia from it.
When a copy was offered to borrow for the PS3, I snagged it with a glee and giggle. As you save and do all the typical things in video games you’re given the offer of using the tutorial, I suggest you do for the first bit because you gain so many weapons, abilities, and the like in the beginning that you need the reminders for the button combos until you get in the swing of things. But you will get into the swing of things! The controls are quite easy to grasp and you’ll be kicking monster butt in no time.
The story for DMC is very much like the past Devil May Cry games. In DMC Dante was told he had meningitis at the age of seven and it affected his memory (if only human diseases affected non-humans!). His mother was killed by demons, this part has remained true, Vergil is alive and looking for him, and his father, Sparda, is trapped in eternal torment for betraying Mundus, the big bag demon of the game. My biggest gripe is before he remembers everything; Dante is a total loner badass, very much a bad boy who doesn’t care. After meeting with Vergil and gaining his memories, he’s a little too happy to help stop Mundus and save humanity. Granted, I know he’s probably mostly in it to stop Mundus as revenge for their mother, but it’s just a bit much. The only other big issue I have is during the memory portion of the game, they use “memory tunnels” to connect scenes like loading screens. They’re long and highly unneeded; really they’re a waste of space on the disk.
You still get a menagerie of weapons to play with including Ebony and Ivory, Dante’s beloved guns, and his sword, a scythe, and hook chains to pull enemies towards you, swing to ledges, and pull pieces of floating landmass towards you. Each weapon has a specific button or combo of buttons to use it and battle Mundus’ minions as they try to stop you.
All in all, I was highly impressed with DMC. I had originally enjoyed the first part of the series, Devil May Cry and hope that this has done well to warrant sequels to the game.
Rating: Highly Recommended
This game has it all and then some, while there are still some issues to take care of no game is perfect. This one does come pretty damn close.

New PlayStation 3 Model: Hit Or Miss?

A couple of days ago, Sony unveiled its new PlayStation console. Or rather, a new update to it. The new PlayStation 3 is slimmer, sleeker, and lighter than ever before. This bad boy is given a boost from its seemingly minute capacity of 160GB and 320GB hard drive, it is now packing either the already big 250GB or the insane 500GB hard disk drive. A white version is said to be released in Japan and other regions afterwards according to Sony. No word yet on a white version for North America. Along with that, cheaper models with a 12GB flash storage will be released in different parts of Europe and Hong Kong. Again, it isn’t hinted whether this will appear in the North American Market. It will be available to the public on September 25th, Tuesday with a price tag of $269.99. Let’s talk about what little new features it has and it’s pricing.

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Oh, Now I Remember


As I sat in front of my computer trying desperately to come up with something to write about this week I found myself without any ideas. There was no real news I was excited about. There aren’t any games coming out in the near future that I’m all that excited about. The WiiU is right around the corner, but seeing how I abhor EVERYTHING Nintendo…that was out too.


Then I tried to think of why I even like video games, and one memory came to mind. It was the day that, after more than a dozen years of playing games, I feel I actually became a “gamer”. But let me start with a bit of background info…


I’m a huge fan of the show Chuck. One day I was searching some YouTube videos and I came across a video featuring Adam Baldwin (John Casey) and Yvonne Strahovski (Sarah Walker) doing voice overs for a game titled Mass Effect 2. I instantly looked on Steam and found a demo. After playing through the demo about a half-dozen times I bought the game. It almost instantly started gettin every spare moment I had, but really never more than 1-2 hours at a time, that is, until a snow-day kept me out of class one day.


I was going to school fulltime, so after driving my wife to work I came home and sat down in front of my computer, cup of coffee beside me, and started in on my usual 1-2 hours. Before I knew it I looked at the clock and I had been playing for 4 hours. I refilled the coffee and sat back down. I clocked a total of about 8 1/2 hours that day…way more than I had ever spent in one day playing video games. I experimented with new weapons and new powers. Got in a grove with certain squad mates (usually Miranda and Thane or Miranda and Garrus). Went further and further than I’d ever gone. Developed an affinity for sniping, which I had previously hated in games, and developed my most defining quality as a gamer…sitting there all by myself saving the universe.



Now this is a relatively boring story, I’ll admit it, but for me it was the day that I picked up the gamer tag and haven’t put it down since. No, I didn’t grow up loving a lot of the older games, nor do I own dozens of different games…but I’m a gamer none the less. Gamers come in all shapes and bends.


So what’s your story? When did you pick up that gamer tag? Let us know in the comments.

Gamescom 2012

Ah, I love the smell of a convention floor with a tad mix of gaming frenzy. That is Gamescom for you. Alright, I can hear you ask yourself “What the heck is Gamescom?” I can answer that for you. Think of Gamescom like the Electronic Entertainment Expo or E3. Instead of in the US, Gamescom is held in Koelnmesse in Cologne, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany. An annual event that started back in 2009 whose promising cult followers(if you can already establish a cult following just being its 3rd year) have gathered from all over the world. Don’t forget the exhibitors, almost every game developer from 39 different countries have signed up for this year’s Gamescon. All sorts of news, trailers, and inside reports are in store. Come and join me as we uncover all the details Gamescon has to offer.

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Are You Ready for iGaming?

A document recently surfaced containing several new patents from Apple. Among these patents were plans for a dual shock controller. The controller, which holds a striking resemblance to the Playstation 3 controller, is fairly unimpressive. What’s intriguing; however, is what this might mean for the gaming industry.

Early rumors and speculation are pointing to the possibility of the controller working with Apple TV, which has not been as successful as the company had hoped, but that’s not coming from Apple and neither is any other info about the game pad. The picture also seems to show the controller somehow interacting with an iPhone.

So is it possible we could see console gaming hit iOS? Do we want that? (Yes, I do. Very much.) Maybe, but if that’s the case Apple needs to hurry with development and production because a few experts are already forecasting this coming generation to be the last console generation.

What do you guys think? Is the pad for gaming? Apple TV? A really lame way to use your iPhone/iPod/iPad? Do you want to see Apple enter the console gaming market? What kind of exclusive titles would Apple have? Leave your comments below.


Kick-Kick, Punch-Punch: Simple fighting moves in video games

I am a huge fan of fighting games and have played so many in my lifetime. The arcade game Marvel vs. Capcom received so many quarters for me that I could have spent on chips and snacks when I was younger. Megaman in that game was completely invincible to me. While my brother or my friends would choose Wolverine or Spiderman, I always stuck to the robotic boy in blue. We would push the buttons on that arcade game like we were trying to break it but I never lost with my reliable Megaman.
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