Portal for free download on Steam

As part of a program called Learn With Portals, Valve is giving away the original Portal for free on Steam until September 20th. Check out the full project bio and a link for the download on their website here. For the rest of us uneducated folk, a free game is always a good thing. Check out the video below to see kids in nice buildings messing with Portal.


Portal 2: GLaDOS Core Cake

The artists over at Mike’s Amazing Cakes in Washington have created some really amazing cakes. They have had other custom cakes go viral on the internet but this by far is my favorite.

Yes! Everything on the core above is edible and awesome looking. This Mike and the Cake Boss should go head to head in a cake off.


Potato GLaDOS from Portal 2 in Real Life

One of the best parts of Portal 2 was when GLaDOS was turned into a potato(shit was hilarious). So, it would make perfect sense that the guys from Volpin Props would go out of their way to recreate this starch filled version of everyone’s favorite character.

In the video below the guys from Volpin showcase how they made their real life model of GLaDOS speak just like the in game version.

Ughh…GLaDOS voice is so creepy.

Portal 2 Overview

Through the ashes GLaDOS  is reborn, and she’s back for a vengeance.  Portal 2 is probably the best game I have played all year. It makes the first Portal look experimental probably because it was. The original was created to be part of a packet of games, and with Portal 2 we can now experience a full length Portal game.

Single Player:  Portal 2 is extremely polished, the game play is 3x as long as the original, and the graphics are much better.  The voice acting is amazing. Wheatley, who is played by Stephen Merchant,  does a fantastic job of making you feel like you have a friend to assist you, unlike the first Portal.

One awesome feature this game has to offer is the new use of liquids in game(shown in the picture above). Essentially each liquid has a different power and it’s your job to use portals to place the liquid in various locations in order to solve puzzles.  Blue liquid makes you bounce, red makes you run faster, and white allows you to shoot a portal where ever you please.  By using liquid, the puzzles become extremely interesting which makes for some really fun gameplay. It is basically what Epic Mickey wanted to be.  The only issue I have with the single player game is the excessive amount of loading screens. The screens seem to come up between every puzzle; however, they do run by quickly. That being said, it’s a small price to pay for one of the best games of the year.

The Multiplayer: GLaDOS is also featured in the multiplayer version of the game so get ready to enjoy some robot humor. The puzzles are 10x harder than the single player mode, but are still enjoyable. Four portals = two heads thinking really hard to solve the puzzles. Essentially everything you see in the single player shows up in the multiplayer, so get ready to play.

Overview: Should you buy this game….YES!

This is one of the best games you will play all year, buy it!