NEW Black Ops ESCALATION Map Pack!

EA and Treyarch officially announced Call of Duty: Escalation map pack, which set to release on May 3rd exclusive to Xbox360.

Four new multiplayer maps and one new zombie mode:

Survive –  This is the new zombies mode which is surrounded in mystery at the moment. This map will probably continue the story of our four main characters:  Takeo, Nikolai, Dempsey, and Richtofen. Hopefully this mode will explain more of the Nova 6 epidemic.

Multiplayer maps include:

Hotel- Which will be a mix between “Highrise” from Modern Warfare 2, and “Havana” from the current Black Ops.

Stockpile- This looks like every other snow level in Call of Duty: Black Ops. The level will probably be at a weapons facility or a area with many creates to hide behind.

Convoy- In the promo picture for Convoy you see what looks like a United States freeway sign in the background. This may be an attempt to satisfy gamers urge to play a war game set in the U.S. I mean HomeFront isn’t great Treyarch might as well attempt.

Zoo- This will probably be the best multiplayer level this map pack has to offer. Zoo looks like one of the most creative levels that the franchise has produced thus far. I hope they have interactive animals(Hippos!), they did have zip lines in previous map packs animals might not be far off the real case.

Daily Pic: World of Warcraft Humor

This is pretty fucking epic and seriously will get your parents to reconsider next time they threaten to cancel your WOW account. Just yell at your parents and say “Fine cancel it! I’ll just go out there and try to have sex with strangers mom!!!”, teach your parents a fucking lesson(lol). (thxunmot)

Daily Pic: Street Fighter Blanka in Real Life

I think that Carrot Top has finally found his calling. He needs to paint his ass green and go be Blanka in the next street fighter movie. Only then will Carrot Top ever have a real job. (thxkot)

Daily Pic: Sims Serial Killer Edition

The Sim Serial Killer Edition in the latest expansion in the ever expanding market of the serial killer phenomenon that is sweeping the nation. Dexter started the craze and now the Sims expanded on it.  Not only befriend your neighbors now you can murder them in your sleep. Look for this game to release sometime in 2050. (thxgi)


This is probably the best thing you can teach your kids when you are a father. I mean seriously what happens the first time you kid plays a video game and doesn’t understand if you kill the hookers you get your money back. Yes, this post just contradicted the last post(LOLZ). (thxgt)

PS3 Hacker Geo Hotz Flees to South America to Avoid Court Case!!!!

George Hotz(PS3 hacker who is being sued by Sony) regardless of the unfinished court case with Sony has left the country and is now in South America. This dude is nuts lol.

George Hotz was the original hacker who cracked the PS3 and gave out the hack to thousands of people. The hack allows PS3 users to tamper with online games and play burned versions of PS3 games. Recently Sony pursued Hotz is a major lawsuit which has been going on for quite some time.

Hotz felt he was untouchable by the law, he claimed he never registered for a PSN account and therefore never agreed to any of Sony’s terms of service. By not agreeing to the terms he was able to tamper with the internal structure of his PS3 legally without any repercussions. Previously Sony only pursued this case because of his sharing of the PS3 hack with other users.

Sony recently discovered, after a court order to obtain Hotz’s PS3, record of his PS3 registered with their Play Station Network data base. Which means Hotz actually did agree to the terms of service and personal tampering of his PS3 was illegal.  Sony said this within the suit,

The PlayStation Network (“PSN”) is an entertainment network that supports online
gameplay and PS3 System connectivity. Declaration of Kenneth Law (“Law Decl.”), ¶2.
SCEA provides consumer service and support for the PSN in the United States out of its
office in Foster City, California. Declaration of Jennifer Y. Liu (“Liu Decl.”), ¶4. A PSN
account can be created either using the PS3 System or a personal computer. Law Decl.,
¶3. In either case, a user creating a PSN account is asked to provide the following
information: a valid email address, date of birth, a unique username and password, the
user’s first and last name, a physical address, and the country in which the user lives. Id.
During the account creation process (through either a PS3 System or personal
computer), the user is presented with the PSN Terms of Service and User Agreement
(“PSN User Agreement”) and required to either “accept” or “deny” the PSN User
Agreement by clicking a corresponding button. Id. The PSN User Agreement specifies
that the user has entered a binding agreement with SCEA if he or she chooses to accept
it. Id. The PSN User Agreement also requires that users “submit to personal jurisdiction
in California and further agree that any dispute arising from or relating to this Agreement
shall be brought in a court within San Mateo County, California.” Id. The user cannot
complete registration using a personal computer or a PS3 System unless he or she
accepts the PSN User Agreement. Id.
Contrary to Hotz’s declaration under oath,3 jurisdictional discovery has revealed
that Hotz did register for a PSN account.

Hotz lied under oath and had been a member of the PSN which basically means he is fucked. Hotz is now in Argentina. Hopefully he comes back soon he does have a court case on April 8th. Seriously doubt he is coming back.

(thxvghq gs)


Daily Pic: The Rock Bottom of Gaming.

If any of you readers see this picture and feel that there is nothing wrong here you might have a problem. This is the epitome of rock bottom in the world of gaming addictions. This situation is only acceptable if your trying to break a Guinness World Record for longest time playing a video game without showering. (thxstuf)

Daily Pic: Bomber Man in Real Life!

I bet that you didn’t know that where ever Bomber Man appears a party magically erupts. I mean five minutes ago this was just a normal parking its a full on rage. I seriously need to hire Bomber Man for my parties. (thxwp)