Mortal Kombat Needs To Step Up Their Game

It’s been hinted that there will be sequel to the 2011’s Mortal Kombat. The thing is, NeatherRealm, the developer of Mortal Kombat hasn’t started yet. I’ve got a few issues in mind, something very specific. First of all, they’ve gotta’ mix things up. It’s hard already that the game just progresses through the plot without having any variation that’s worth notable from the previous Mortal Kombats. Second, adding new characters is not enough for a game franchise that has been around a little over than a decade. And lastly, I raise a question. Do we really need another Mortal Kombat Game?

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Kick-Kick, Punch-Punch: Simple fighting moves in video games

I am a huge fan of fighting games and have played so many in my lifetime. The arcade game Marvel vs. Capcom received so many quarters for me that I could have spent on chips and snacks when I was younger. Megaman in that game was completely invincible to me. While my brother or my friends would choose Wolverine or Spiderman, I always stuck to the robotic boy in blue. We would push the buttons on that arcade game like we were trying to break it but I never lost with my reliable Megaman.
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Mortal Kombat: Komplete Edition launch trailer

Who honestly thought it was a good idea to call this game the “Komplete Edition”? Well whatever, a launch trailer for this beefed up version last year’s Mortal Kombat has been released. Aside from the stupid use of the letter K, this trailer shows off some of the cool stuff you’ll find in this game, like fatalities and the original 1995 Mortal Kombat film. The game is out today, so if you’re in need of some ass whooping and a swift kick in the balls to the English language, you don’t have to wait any longer. Check out the trailer below.


Daily Pic: Baraka Obama

Today’s Daily Pic comes straight from the mind of our very own writer Taylor. He has been calling Barrack Obama, Baraka Obama since election day. So I decided to make his dream come true through the power of photo shop..this ones for you Taylor. Baraka Obama, hopefully we will see this add-on in the next Mortal Kombat 9 DLC pack.

Mortal Kombat: 4 New Characters DLC Today!

Today Xbox releases the first part of their ‘Season Pass’ with a character DLC for Mortal Kombat 9. Four new characters; Skarlet, Kenshi, Rain and an unannounced fighter which is said to surface in the coming months. All are available for 1200 MSP, or 400 MSP for a single fighter. Warner Bros Games is banking on the fact that Skarlet is another girl fighter with huge tits, so you know it will be popular amongst male games, or those few lesbrechaun gamers (that’s a lesbian midget if you didn’t already know).

In addition to the new characters, a couple classic outfits for cyborg fighters Cyrax and Sektor are coming out. As well as a “Compatibility Pack” which will keep the game running smoothly. This DLC is of course for Xbox 360 (that’s right bitches!), no word when it will hit Playstation 3.



Daily Pic: How Video Game Developers Design Characters

Wow, seriously what developer head quarters was this scratch paper stolen out of? The guys at Nether Realm Studios(Mortal Kombat Dev)? This is probably the most accurate depiction of the industry. Video game chicks are basically the new generations HBO porn(Shout out to Passion Cove).

Mortal Kombat 9: Characters in Real Life.

There is a multitude of similarities in real life people or objects and the Mortal Kombat characters. The images below compare the resemblance between the MK characters and the real world people and images. Some of these are harsh but fuck it.

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Weekend Babe-ary #12

Today the Weekend Babe-ary goes to Beatrice Ilg  from the new Mortal Kombat web series: Legacy.

Although her appearance is yet to air on screen she will be playing Queen Sindel, a sexy vixen, for five Legacy episodes.  Beatrice was also in X-Men Origins: Wolverine, where she made an appearance as a waitress.   This makes Beatrice a hot thang with a nack for nerdy roles!

So Today, Beatrice Ilg, GameVain Salutes You!

Her parents probably could of picked a better name.