Kiip: Play Games, Get Free Stuff.

Kiip, sounds like a new candy bar; with twice the taste and half-the-fat. Fortunately for us, “GameVainers” this isn’t the case.

They are a start-up rewards company that is giving out prizes for simply playing games on mobile devices. To break it down to it’s bare essentials; the more you game, the more points you are awarded. You can cash those points out for prizes. Sounds like the digital Chuck E. Cheese? Well because it is, since so many game companies have been getting into the rewards business(i.e. GameStop), it makes perfect sense that App. moguls would want their piece of the pie. Today’s statistics show that more than 4 out of 10 adults actively play games on their mobile device(with this figure in constant growth). Since mobile gaming is on the rise, a rewards system makes perfect sense. Why wouldn’t you try and earn those points? All I know is Kiip is definitely a bellwether in the market of social games.

Check out the video below. Or link to them direct here.

Kiip – Everyday Victories from kiip on Vimeo.

Considering Derek van Vliet, from Mega Jump, supports this new company means GameVain is on board.

Side note: Just because MC Hammer is in the Kiip video doesn’t mean Kiip will B.K. Although it is highly plausible.

Mega Jump; Biggest Update Ever?

One of the Iphone, Android, and Ipod Touch’s biggest and best games is going to have a new update, which is Update 15. At the bottom of the post their will be a picture showing all the information i will be talking about.

Get Set Games has released that this update will be the biggest update that they have ever released. Right now the update is in review in the Apple App Store, and waiting approval. This update will have a lot of content that will possibly be doubling what is already in the game. The updates will be that they have added another world, which includes 20 more stages and over 50 brand new coin patterns! They have also released a youtube video for a preview of the game.

Video Preview!


Mega Jump 2…Nope Its Mega Run!

Finally a new game to tide us over!

Stop looking toward the sky in hopes of jumping, its time for your fat ass to get running(Wow, that was extremely infomercial esk).

Last time I spoke to the guys at Get Set Games(Dev Team), Derek informed me of a “secret” project that they were working on. Well guys this is definitely that project, unless they are working on a Mega Jump first person shooter. Please do I would love to shoot Pon Pon in the face.

Here is the description of the new game straight from Get Set Games,

“Mega Run will feature all the retro fun of your favorite platform games, along with a healthy dose of humor, ridiculous boosts and randomized levels to keep each game unpredictable and always replayable! We’ll bring you more news about Mega Run as we get closer to release, so stay tuned!”

P.S. Seriously Mega Jump needs a Sperm Whale as one of the characters with a Rambo bandanna. Get to it!

This is Pon Pon.

I seriously hate him.

Brink Weapons Trailer

This is an amazing trailer that the guys at Bethesda put together from their new game Brink. You really need to see the trailer below to understand so get your Brink on. (This game has nothing to do with the really awesome Disney channel movie about rollerblading…but that would be fucking rad!)

Mega Jump Developers Interview: Mega Jump Multiplayer!!

Derek van Vliet from Get Set Games was nice enough to give me some of his free time for a quick interview, mostly about the future of Mega Jump and Get Set Games. I just recently read on their website that Mega Jump has just hit 9 million users, so congrats guys! Even though I am probably one of the worst interviewers of all time I got some great information from Derek including Mega Jumps steps to becoming a multi-player game and iPad compatible. Anyway check out the video above and if you don’t have Mega Jump you should probably get it ASAP cause its free bitch!(It’s on Droid as well)

Mega Jump Secret/Cheat!

This isn’t a huge secret but it something that not everyone knows about Mega Jump for the iPhone/iTouch/iPad. In Mega Jump when you get the balloon power up you can use it to boost yourself higher. How you might ask well just click directly on your character after you obtain the power up, it will deliver a 2 second boost. You can do this multiple times with the same power up so don’t be afraid to click away. This game is the shit and is in the Apple App Store for 99c, Get it!

Mega Jump Has New Update MORE FIRE BALLS!

Mega Jump for the iPhone/iTouch/iPad has now released a new update and they are adding way more fireballs! The game is incredible and everyone should check it out, trust me its a lot of fun. For the full review on this game check it out here. This game is the tits! P.S. Get Set Games(they make the game) next time you make a character please make it a Orca whale with guns on his back and a bandanna, call him Ramoo’s(cross between Rambo and Shamoo).