I’m sure many of you are like me and have been insanely busy these last few weeks as summer wound down and school started back. Whether you have kids in school, are in school yourself or have a job that has anything to do with school, you’ve been busy. My job keeps me busy working with the local schools during the first few weeks on top of being in school myself. As such, my console/PC gaming time has dropped to a near extinct level, and yours may have too. But have no fear, I bring you glad tidings in the form of a classic game many of us grew up with and can be played on the go…X-Men Arcade for iPhone.

I really can’t count the number of hours, or quarters, I spent playing this game when I was a kid. I loved it and was pretty bummed when they started discontinuing the machine. So when I read about it a little over a month ago I downloaded it. I played it a few times but didn’t really get caught up in it until two weeks ago when school started in my area. I found myself playing every chance I got just to get my gaming fix. This game is the purest kind of fun I’ve ever had iGaming.

The game is pretty much exactly how I remembered it. Walk in a straight line and beat ’em up. What more could you want? Even today I still almost exclusively play as Wolverine or Night Crawler, just like I did more than 20 years ago when I was a five year old at the bowling alley or pizzeria or grocery store or any other place that had this machine.

Even as I sit here writing this I went into the game to check on something and ended up playing through a level.

Go buy this game today. It’s only .99 and worth every last one of those pennies. You can find it in the iPhone App Store.

When Worlds Collide: Gaming meets Comic Books


So this week I’m having to improvise just a bit since I wasn’t able to get a copy of the game I wanted to review…The Amazing Spider-Man. After seeing the movie last week, and loving it, I really wanted to check out Spidey’s new console endeavor, however, that big red square thing that dispenses games and movies at the local Wal-Mart did not carry the game for PS3 and there was NO WAY I was picking it up for the Wii.

So I had to come up with a new idea. But as I tried to think of something to write about I couldn’t escape the connect between comic books and video games. Seeing all of the SDCC tweets didn’t make it any easier. But video games featuring comic book characters have been around almost as long as I have, that’s old news.

Then it hit me. “Just flip it.”

In the last half-dozen years or so the comic book industry has started teaming up with the gaming industry in a slightly different way by giving game characters their own comic titles, essentially flipping the comic book characters-to-games paradigm. And guess what? It’s working.

Playing as a super hero in a game is tons of fun. Getting to be these characters and make them do what you want them to do feels so cool. But this idea of giving gamers an illustrated story that expounds on a games universe gives the gamer exactly what he/she wants…more. More fighting. More history. More characters. More…more…more!

Want to know what happens with Frank West between Dead Rising 1 and 2, pick up IDW’s Dead Rising: Road to Fortune.

Or maybe you’re curious about how The Illusive Man became so, well, illusive. Check out Dark Horse’s Mass Effect: Evolution.

Or, maybe you just can’t get enough of the Halo universe and you NEED to buy up everything with a spartan in it. Then grab a copy of any of any of Marvel’s Halo titles.

The list of game-to-comic book titles is getting longer every month. And why shouldn’t it? These two things belong together…like PB&J, Oreos and milk or strippers and glitter. Lets be honest, most gamers are comic book fans and vice versa. It’s nice to see these two front runners in nerd culture collide to make beautiful nerd magic in the form of deeper, richer connections with our favorite space marines and zombie killers.

Marvel Heroes On The Rise

It’s been almost a year and 4 months since DC debuted its Massively Multiplayer game, DC Universe Online, on PS3 Microsoft Online. Now, when times are is at its peak for Marvel and its respective departments, Marvel is about to release Marvel Heroes MMO. News are out on, the details are being given out by a leading game developer/publisher/operator for mmo games Gazillion Entertainment and designed by Secret Identity Studios.

Written by Brian Michael Bendis, author of ULTIMATE SPIDER-MAN, NEW AENGERS, SECRET INVASION and countless other successes, “Marvel Heroes” is inspired by some of the most popular tales and events in Marvel Comics history. There may be hints of events like Civil War (even though it’s already been tackled by Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2), Secret Invasion, Siege, or even the recent Marvel Event, Fear Itself.

The game is set to have at least 8,000 characters for players to choose from. From classic heroes like members of The Avengers to the misunderstood mutant heroes The X-Men, From Cosmic Entities like the Silver Surfer and Guardians of the Galaxy to Street Guys like The Punisher, Moon Knight, and Daredevil. The list goes on and on and on. Trust me, with 8,000 characters, it is a long list.

Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 Tournament Mashfest @Midtown Comics

Hey video game fans, residents of New York, and comic book geeks, everyone doing alright? Want another break from work and spend some time brushing on your button-mashing skills? Well, Midtown Comics and Mashfet NYC is having another of their mashfests. This time around, it’s Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3. Plus a side tournament on Marvel vs. Capcom 2. You even get free comics for just going to the event, the catch is first come first served. So, Button-Mashing, Free Comics, Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3, And Drinks! Who doesn’t want to go now?

The event will be in

64 3rd Ave (at 11th st), New York, NY 10003

For more info, go to Midtown Comics’ Facebook Event Page:

Midtown Comics & Mashfest NYC present MASHFEST 5!

· 1st place prize: eightarc Fusion Ivory Professional Joystick (
· 2nd place price: $50 Midtown Comics gift certificate
· Free comics for attendees! (while supplies last, first come first serve)
· Stream by bifuteki (

· Signups begin at 2pm. BE ON TIME or you may not get to enter (though you can still watch)

· You must be 21 to drink, but any age can enter
· We will have Xbox360 and PS3 setups


Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom Gameplay Video:

‘The Avengers’ tie-in video game has been announced…

Well, THQ’s version is dead (thank God for that) but now it appears that Ubisoft has some plans for the greatest Marvel movie ever made! Can you tell by my blatant opinion that I REALLY liked the movie? Do readers care about the writers opinion? Hell no! But I don’t care! I was spider maning all over the theater!

Back to business, seeing as how Marvel and Ubisoft have registered the domain,, Ubisoft announced plans are underway for a post movie premiere release. Whats more is that the game may only be released for the Wii and Kinect. This is a huge departure from the traditional adventure movie tie in games. Lets see how they pull this off!


Max Payne’s Origin Revealed In A Comic Book

We now have the skinny on Max Payne 3: After the Fall. The first thing you’ll want to know is that you can currently check out the first issue on Rockstar’s website. The digital comic was made available over the weekend just in time for Free Comic Book Day. Written by Dan Houser(writer of  the Grand Theft Auto series and Red Dead Redemption) and Sam Lake(who wrote the first two games), with these guys running the show, you’re sure to have the same noir feeling as the video games themselves. Plus it adds more depth into Max and gives him so much character which he already has  truck-loads of.

After a decade long break, the aspirin chewing, two-gun wielding, slow-motion dodging noir hero Max Payne is back in the upcoming title Max Payne 3 from Rockstar Games. However, before the next chapter of his life is explored by gamers on May 15, 2012, fans can get into his troubled mind in Max Payne: After The Fall, a digital comic prequel that explores different moments in his life, including the timeframe before and during the events of the first two games.

You know what, I’m really feeling good right now, I don’t want you to strain yourself looking for the website on google or whichever search engine you’re using. I’m just gonna’ give it to you. Here, Enjoy!

UMvC3: Heroes and Heralds Mode

A new mode will be added to the upcoming game Ultimate Marvel versus Capcom 3 and will be available as a DLC when the game is released. This mode, called “Heroes and Heralds”, will be a separate campaign where the player decides the fate of the world by choosing their faction and working off a built team of heroes or villains to go through the story line. The game mode allows for character customization and growth which adds that RPG element not too often seen in fighting games.

Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3: More Information and Visuals

Information has recently hit the web that initially Capcom was to release Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 as a dlc expansion. As of now UMvC3  is still set to be a that full priced game.

Recent comments have been circulating around Google+ stating  that Activision is critically bashed for their dlc being priced so high($15). But, it pales in comparison to Capcom releasing an entire new game when they could just release a dlc add-on.

Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 will feature, 12 new characters, 8 new stages, and other small tweets to the game.

Activision and Marvel Announce: Spider Man: Edge of Time

Yesterday Activision and Marvel announced the newest Spider Man game in the works: Spider Man: Edge of Time. In this new venture you will playing as both Amazing Spider Man and corrupt 2099 Spider Man in an interconnected story line. Players decisions in one universe can drastically change the events in the counter universe.  Basically if you fuck up as Spider Man 2099 your  going to mess with the events of Amazing Spider Man. The game is set to release Fall 2011, you can check out the Facebook page here.

Marvel Vs Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds Reviews

At GameVain we don’t tend to enjoy reviewing games so we will link you guys to a hole shit load of other review sites.

GameSpy: 3.5/5    IGN: 8.5/10    Joystiq: 5/5  Gamespot: 8.5/10

So the consensus is that this game is pretty “Good” so if your into arcade fighters and you love Marvel and Capcom characters this is the game for you!

Limited Edition: Marvel Vs Capcom 3 FightStick

Mad Catz is releasing a limited edition Marvel Vs Capcom 3 Fightstick to beat some ass with. The Fightstick will be priced at $159.99 and only 5000 units will be made.  Its going to be released on February 15 online.  You can grab one at Mat Catz online.

Word of Advice: Seriously get two of these and give one to your grandma and just beat her over and over. Its amazing to say SUCK IT GRANDMA I WIN AGAIN!….you then say…JUST CAUSE YOU KICK MY ASS IN MONOPOLY BITCH DOESN’T MEAN YOUR GOOD AT EVERY GAME.

(thxkotaku) Check out a trailer of the game here.