Is Half Life 3 Just Around the Corner?

Big news dropped last week from one of the industries fan-favorite developers, and it came in the form of a recent job listing. Valve Corporation is looking for an industrial designer with a background in “product design and manufacturing, ergonomics, usability, aesthetics, and surfacing,” according to a report released from Gameindustry International. In the past rumors have frequently surfaced about the company moving into the hardware market, including a rumor about working with Apple to develop a console, but this job posting seems to be a little too specific to have nothing to do with that end.

Most would assume that a console from Valve would utilize its popular Steam format, but that’s not the rumor that sparked the most amount of interest when I learned of this job listing. Just a few short hours after the news released I started hearing rumors that this may be what Valve has been waiting for in regards to releasing the long (very, very long) awaited Half Life 3. The Half Life series really helped to cement Valve as one of the majors hitters in the gaming market and fans have been clamoring for more Gordon Freeman for nearly a decade since the franchises second game dropped in November of 2004. To add a little more fuel to this rumor, official Half Life 3 shirts have been reported popping up in several game and comic conventions this year.

So what do you think? Would you want a Valve console, or are you happy with Steam for PC and Mac? Is this rumored console the vehicle for the next Half Life game? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

Are You Ready for iGaming?

A document recently surfaced containing several new patents from Apple. Among these patents were plans for a dual shock controller. The controller, which holds a striking resemblance to the Playstation 3 controller, is fairly unimpressive. What’s intriguing; however, is what this might mean for the gaming industry.

Early rumors and speculation are pointing to the possibility of the controller working with Apple TV, which has not been as successful as the company had hoped, but that’s not coming from Apple and neither is any other info about the game pad. The picture also seems to show the controller somehow interacting with an iPhone.

So is it possible we could see console gaming hit iOS? Do we want that? (Yes, I do. Very much.) Maybe, but if that’s the case Apple needs to hurry with development and production because a few experts are already forecasting this coming generation to be the last console generation.

What do you guys think? Is the pad for gaming? Apple TV? A really lame way to use your iPhone/iPod/iPad? Do you want to see Apple enter the console gaming market? What kind of exclusive titles would Apple have? Leave your comments below.


What to Play When You’re Bored…..Try This!

So now that I’m on my break from college [fuck yes!] I now have time to check out a few games and download some new jazz. Recently I stumbled upon 4 games I’ve been really wanting to check out. And I think you guys might like them [if you haven’t already played them]. Here they are!
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It’s a bad day for demons . . . Diablo III now live

Blizzard Entertainment, Inc. today announced that Diablo® III, the highly anticipated next chapter in its award-winning action—role-playing-game series, is now available in retail stores throughout the U.S., Canada, Europe, South Korea, Southeast Asia, Australia, New Zealand, and the regions of Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Macau. Gamers in the regions above as well as in Mexico, Argentina, Chile, and Brazil are also able to purchase Diablo III digitally via the game’s official website (

More here.

Dear Esther for Mac is Now 50% off on Steam Sale!

Just as the title says, Dear Esther is now on sale for the Mac! It is 50% off because of the Steam Sale! If you already own the PC version of the game and want to play it on the Mac as well, you will gain access to both versions of the game, so don’t you worry! Here are the system requirements of the game for the Mac:

Mac System Requirements:

  • OS: MAC OS X 10.6.7 or higher
  • Processor: Intel Core Duo Processor (2GHz or better)
  • Memory: 2GB
  • Hard Disk Space: At least 2GB of Space
  • Video: ATI Radeon 2400 or higher / NVIDIA 8600M or higher / Intel HD Graphics 3000


The Sims 3: Showtime Katy Perry

Sims, one of the more popular life simulation video games, will be having fun with Katy Perry this spring with dream of a deal between the pop singer and EA in order to collaborate on the popular series. Katy Perry, a Sims fan herself who’s songs already sound like their sung in Simlish, is excited to see herself as a Sim. (She does know Sims are already highly customizable? Some fan…) This deal will include hairstyles, furniture, props and clothing in-game. The Sims 3: Showtime Katy Perry is now available for preorder, for your PC, at $39.99 and will be available in March of this year.

There is a trailer for this but it’s four minutes of her ‘singing’ and we’re not putting you through that.

TY PopcultureMajor (trailer can be seen here)

Too many games, no es bueno

According to Richard Cobbett, we now have too many awesome games. So many that we don’t get to enjoy them properly and if we put them on the back burner our passion eventually fades or worse we hear those game killing spoilers. What do you think? More at computerandvideogames.

Jurassic Park Game Looks Dino-mite!

T-Rex says Hi to man scratching his head

Finally! Our needs to satisfy our dinosaur fetishes has been answered. Lets be honest here…Terra Nova is just Terrably lame and who the hell wants to ride Jurassic Park at Universal Studios over and over?–Especially now that Backdraft isn’t even there to dry us off!?

Well, the guys at Telltale games felt the same way so on November 15, 2011 they’re releasing this masterpiece. Take a look…

Definitely a nice change of pace from the typical games I’m used to playing. I’m loving all the “death by Dino” animations–kind of like Dead Space death scenes (say this five times fast).

Pre-order now and you can save $10 and receive the Deluxe Edition for just $39.99 which includes:

  • All four episodes of Jurassic Park: The Game on disc for PC and Mac
  • Replica InGen staff ID badge as seen in the movie and the game
  • Replica of movie Brochure/Map, updated to include game content
  • Replica of Jurassic Park patch as worn on staff uniforms
  • InGen Field Guide: 32 Pages of content welcoming you to Jurassic Park
  • Exclusive Limited Edition packaging
  • Access to exclusive digital content including the game soundtrack and behind the scenes video
***This just in…PS3 gamers, If you pay $49.99 for a 1 year subscription to PlayStation Plus you will receive this game for free (Not the Deluxe Edition). So if you think you’d enjoy what PlayStation Plus has to offer click here***


Look for this game on PC, Mac, Xbox360, & PS3 on November 15….Sorry UK gamers you’ll have to wait until after 2011. In the UK? Feeling disgruntled? Release your anger in comment form below…Counseling staff will be notified immediately.

Ken Levine of Bioshock is influenced by horror, the world is shocked

Levine, the creative director and co-founder of Irrational games, sat down with Complex recently at the NY Comic Con and explains the horror and political influences in BioShock Infinite. (He is a mastermind) I am so very thrilled about Infinite and cannot wait until it’s release.

Video below with the Levine speaking about his influences, role models and some sexy footage of BioShock Infinite.


Psychonauts updated for Mac on Steam

One my favorite games finally comes to my favorite non gaming computer OS. Double Fine has updated Psychonauts on Steam to support Mac and also added some new changes to the game. including a lowered difficulty to the “Meat Circus” section of the game. There are also some achievement content added and 360 controller support. If you havent played this game yet, which has been released like a million times, now is a good time, it’s only $9.99.