League of Legends Now has Over 12 Million Active Players, Here’s What That Looks Like [INFOGRAPHIC]

Multiplayer online battle arena game League of Legends has had quite a monstrous entry into the gaming arena. Launched back in October of 2009, the game has enlisted active users from over 145 countries and over 32 million players login each month — a number that now eclipses the monthly activity of World of Warcraft, and inches closer to XBox Live’s 40 million monthly subscribers.

Other interesting facts that come of the most recent aggregation of game data notes that over 90% of players are male, 85% are between the ages of 16 and 30 and 60% are enrolled in or have completed some college.

The folks behind the game have released a visualization of the data accumulated from the game’s short 2-year history and compared it to titles within the same genres, and  even makes a bold conclusion towards the end of the graphic — in terms of hours played per month, League of Legends is the most played video game in the world. Here’s the data:

Infographic courtesy League of Legends & Riot Games

The Tryhard and You

In the competitive gaming world there exists a spectrum where all players fall in between: the noob and the tryhard. Like all extremes, there’s a lot more grief to be had than actual enjoyment. We all know what a noob is. They can’t play worth shit, they work under the rationale that this is all a learning experience, their play style is slow, and they always seem to be on your team. You’ve seen videos, flame wars, etc. calling out these players so its nothing new. But what about the other end of the spectrum? Meet the tryhard:


There’s a lot of different ways to explain exactly what a tryhard is. Urban Dictionary does quite a good job in explaining the kind I’m thinking of:

“7. Tryhard

In regards to recreational activities or video games, someone who must put forth 100% effort to come out victorious. As opposed to someone who doesn’t need to do their best to win a game or contest.”
So where do the professional gamers stand? Pretty high up there in the spectrum. But they make money out of what they do so it’s excusable. I want to focus on the average, everyday gamer: that one guy in your team that just won’t shut the fuck up and complains about every single fault you make no matter how well you actually do. They’re the guys who like to latch onto one guy and chew them out, calling them noob, telling them to uninstall, making sarcastic remarks, and basically making the game just unbearably annoying even if your team is winning.
So what do you do when you have a tryhard in your team? The most obvious answer is just to not suck and maybe they’ll leave you alone. But what if it’s you they’re targeting? Unlike noobs, these assholes are really easy to troll because of their volatile personalities, especially when the rest of your team just about had enough of him. Just do exactly what they don’t want you to do… like a majority vote to /surrender a winning game. I guarantee you it’ll be one of the most satisfying loss you’ll experience ever. Spite is a wonderful thing.
And that’s it. Tryhards suck. And remember, kids, if you feel like raging at your own team:

Free-to-Play: Suddenly I’m Broke


Wanna play League of Legends? It’s absolutely free. You don’t gotta pay shit. Absolutely nothing. You can get the same gaming experience as anyone who pays money for this game. So why bother paying for it? It’s stupid right? All it takes is a bit of patience and a bunch of games to be able to unlock what paying customers can unlock right away with the right amount of money. But you won’t break. All these guys got their special skins and you’re still running the classics. It’s fine. Skin doesn’t equal skill.
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Baking with Gamers


Okay… so good idea or bad idea: I give you Summoners Rift. Extra Large. Thin Crust. Only League of Legends players would get this, I know. But look at it, isn’t it cool? You can see the purple team’s base… the blue team’s base and the jungle spawns and huge chilies where baron and dragon spawn. It’s the perfect dish for gamers because we’re fat and lazy and no one will eat this except the five of us in the LAN party we had on a Friday night while the girl we’re crushing on is getting laid on the dance floor at some club.

Why won’t anyone else eat this? One: only losers will understand our tastes (/pun). Two: look at the detail on this thing. Can you imagine the work it took to put this thing together? The… hands that individually placed each kernel of corn? The grime encrusted fingers that ever so lovingly fondled the melted cheese? Delicious. I’d eat it if it had anchovies.

League of Legends Season 2 Changes

League of Legends is moving into Season 2 matchmaking and with the new season comes new game-changing updates. First of all, they’re adding a new spectator mode to matches so new players can watch and learn as higher league players beat the hell out of each other. Expect to see youtube’s channels to be filled with more videos recorded from these spectators.

A new champion will be coming in as well. This Stitch look-alike specializes in controlling the creatures of the deep, throwing fish at a target and forcing a shark to attack. Its funny to imagine since the majority of the playable maps’ layout consists of anything but water. We’ll see how this ability makes sense tomorrow. And if it doesn’t, oh well.

One of the bigger changes is the masteries tree remake where Riot tried to break the normal “cookie cutter” builds in an attempt to have players follow their preference rather than simple optimization. A link to the page can be found here (thxlol)