Kiip: Play Games, Get Free Stuff.

Kiip, sounds like a new candy bar; with twice the taste and half-the-fat. Fortunately for us, “GameVainers” this isn’t the case.

They are a start-up rewards company that is giving out prizes for simply playing games on mobile devices. To break it down to it’s bare essentials; the more you game, the more points you are awarded. You can cash those points out for prizes. Sounds like the digital Chuck E. Cheese? Well because it is, since so many game companies have been getting into the rewards business(i.e. GameStop), it makes perfect sense that App. moguls would want their piece of the pie. Today’s statistics show that more than 4 out of 10 adults actively play games on their mobile device(with this figure in constant growth). Since mobile gaming is on the rise, a rewards system makes perfect sense. Why wouldn’t you try and earn those points? All I know is Kiip is definitely a bellwether in the market of social games.

Check out the video below. Or link to them direct here.

Kiip – Everyday Victories from kiip on Vimeo.

Considering Derek van Vliet, from Mega Jump, supports this new company means GameVain is on board.

Side note: Just because MC Hammer is in the Kiip video doesn’t mean Kiip will B.K. Although it is highly plausible.