New app for Skyrim Leaves Little to be Desired

So from time to time I head into the Apple app store and search video game titles to see what pops up, and this time it paid off in a big way. IGN recently released a new app for Skyrim. The app, which is free, gives you just about anything that you would want in a video game app. The app offers wallpapers, interactive maps, Wiki guides, videos, a skill tree planner, voice reference and social network connectivity and sharing.

Now, I probably should’ve popped in Skyrim today to test out things like the maps section and the walk through videos…but I got busy and didn’t. Never the less, this still seems to be a top notch app. It’s intuitive, simple, seemingly helpful and most of all everything can be accessed within the app. I really like this feature. In the past I’ve had apps that want to take you through your browser to get to certain features, especially videos, which can be bothersome.

I’ll be trying this app out in greater details and I hope it holds up to the initial impression. Either way though, it’s getting me back into Skyrim which I haven’t played in months…so it at least has that going for it.

What Would Curiosity Get You?

A lot of very talented and independent game developers spend their time trying to amass enough creativity and ideas to work on something big but starting off in the app business. We’ve got billions of apps just waiting to be downloaded and be played with. Well, one guy thought of making an app that’s a social experiment, something that will have everyone playing the game together. How is this game different from Angry Birds or Temple Run? First off, this game won’t use any birds nor any running at all. What you will be doing is collectively trying to chip off every bit of the surface of a massive cube, all the while trying to get inside the cube, because that’s your goal. That’s the entirety of this social experiment. It’s to see how far people are willing to know something that’s being kept from them and the only way to get to it is to hack away surfaces of smaller cubes within this huge black cube. This is the creativity Peter Molyneux has put into his game called “Curiosity: What’s Inside The Cube?” 

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Kiip: Play Games, Get Free Stuff.

Kiip, sounds like a new candy bar; with twice the taste and half-the-fat. Fortunately for us, “GameVainers” this isn’t the case.

They are a start-up rewards company that is giving out prizes for simply playing games on mobile devices. To break it down to it’s bare essentials; the more you game, the more points you are awarded. You can cash those points out for prizes. Sounds like the digital Chuck E. Cheese? Well because it is, since so many game companies have been getting into the rewards business(i.e. GameStop), it makes perfect sense that App. moguls would want their piece of the pie. Today’s statistics show that more than 4 out of 10 adults actively play games on their mobile device(with this figure in constant growth). Since mobile gaming is on the rise, a rewards system makes perfect sense. Why wouldn’t you try and earn those points? All I know is Kiip is definitely a bellwether in the market of social games.

Check out the video below. Or link to them direct here.

Kiip – Everyday Victories from kiip on Vimeo.

Considering Derek van Vliet, from Mega Jump, supports this new company means GameVain is on board.

Side note: Just because MC Hammer is in the Kiip video doesn’t mean Kiip will B.K. Although it is highly plausible.



I’m sure many of you are like me and have been insanely busy these last few weeks as summer wound down and school started back. Whether you have kids in school, are in school yourself or have a job that has anything to do with school, you’ve been busy. My job keeps me busy working with the local schools during the first few weeks on top of being in school myself. As such, my console/PC gaming time has dropped to a near extinct level, and yours may have too. But have no fear, I bring you glad tidings in the form of a classic game many of us grew up with and can be played on the go…X-Men Arcade for iPhone.

I really can’t count the number of hours, or quarters, I spent playing this game when I was a kid. I loved it and was pretty bummed when they started discontinuing the machine. So when I read about it a little over a month ago I downloaded it. I played it a few times but didn’t really get caught up in it until two weeks ago when school started in my area. I found myself playing every chance I got just to get my gaming fix. This game is the purest kind of fun I’ve ever had iGaming.

The game is pretty much exactly how I remembered it. Walk in a straight line and beat ’em up. What more could you want? Even today I still almost exclusively play as Wolverine or Night Crawler, just like I did more than 20 years ago when I was a five year old at the bowling alley or pizzeria or grocery store or any other place that had this machine.

Even as I sit here writing this I went into the game to check on something and ended up playing through a level.

Go buy this game today. It’s only .99 and worth every last one of those pennies. You can find it in the iPhone App Store.

Top 5 reasons for buying ‘Hello Kitty Picnic’ for everyone you know

Here at Gamevain, we aren’t always on the prowl for the latest news on the next Call of Duty game, or scavenging the net for the latest tips on the next big MMO.  Sometimes we just like to kick it, “Hello Kitty” style. Let’s just say we know our Hello Kitty.  So if you’re looking to get that friend of yours something for his birthday, or need a “good luck” present for that uncle just released from jail, here are our top 5 reasons for buying Hello Kitty Picnic for everyone you know.

Reason #5 – The Sanrio Friends

With a title like “Hello Kitty Picnic” you may think the adventure aims to focus on the single titular character, but that just simply isn’t true. Included in the game is a relative orgy of personalities including:

 Winking Cat                                             Regular Eye Cat




    Rejected Angry Bird #43                                             Evil Pichu in a Jester’s Cap


Surprised-Look Duck dude                                  Ambiguous Animal in a weird hat


and of course…. Baby version of Will Arnett’s character from Monsters vs Aliens



Top Reason #4 – Facebook and Twitter integration

Let’s say you just leveled up you Hello Kitty character to a 5-apple rating and you are desperate to let your friends know how well you’re doing in the game.  How can you remedy this precarious situation… oh yea, Facebook and Twitter integration mofos!  Sharing your elite, Hello Kitty endgame tactics with your closest friends has never been so easy.



Top Reason #3 – Unfamiliar Language means Unfamiliar Surprises are in store!

Sure, you COULD wait for an English version, but why do that?  Buy the Japanese version right now.  You don’t know Japanese you say?  Well, you’re in for a treat.  Take a look at the picture above.  You’re obviously being rewarded with 100 “somethings.”  What exactly?  Who knows… well, people who speak Japanese know.   Stupid people like me only know one language, so my grasp on the story and dialogue is pretty weak.  The solution?  Fill in the blanks with anything!  Right now, I’m imagining the game is rewarding me with 100 sets of tickets to every Super Bowl for the next 100 years.  Yay!


Top Reason #2 – iPhone Platform


What kind of loser wouldn’t have an iPhone by now other than the billions of people using Android, the 8 of us using Windows Phone, the 19 people still holding onto Blackberry, or that one dude I saw once using a Symbian device.  Answer: Nobody.


Top Reason #1 – Hello Kitty Crossover Appeal

Holy Hell… is that a soccer mom version of one of the Bratz characters on the left?  Hello Kitty AND soccer mom Bratz?  Have my dreams come true?



Check out the full Hello Kitty Picnic Trailer below… you know you want to.  Happy Trollin’.



(thx GN)

Mega Man X now available for iPhone and iPod

Exciting news for those of you with an iPhone and who are getting tired of angry birds. Well, now you can play Mega Man X! This 2d action game can now be at your finger tips for a mere $4.99USD and also features iOS only moves like auto fire, auto charge and auto ladder latch on. 80 levels of godliness along with regular and full screen modes that take advantage of the iPhone’s amazing retina display, make this a game you cannot miss. Find this game in the App Store.


App: Always Win!

This is a pretty fun application you can pick up on the iPhone.

It’s essentially just a game of war you and your friends can play whenever you get bored. But there is a little trick to this application. If you touch the top of the card the player towards the top of the iPhone “Always Wins” and if you touch the bottom well the player on the bottom “Always Wins”.

It’s a cool way to get what you want if your in a situation where you don’t have a coin to toss. Plus you can just touch the center of the card and the game will be random.

Check out the game here Appstore!

Chatterbox Review: Disney’s “Where’s My Water?” app game!

Use your mind to solve the puzzles in order to let Swampy get his bath on!

I just wanted to pass along this gem of a game today. Over the weekend, I downloaded Disney’s latest release “Where’s My Water?” which is basically a physics game of water motion and finding a way to get the water to the main pipes so that that the main character, Swampy can take his bath!

The object of the game is to dig paths to create a track for the water leading to the pipe connected to Swampy’s shower. The first few levels are cake, but then they start to throw in the Purple and Green liquids that spoil the game if you let them get to the water pipes. Meanwhile, you see Swampy in the shower starting to get impatient as the water doesn’t come out of the sprayer. There are some hidden items as well as Easter eggs in this one too!

All in all, I thought this one was well worth the price. With the holiday season coming up, families will be traveling and this is definately one that will be enjoyable to play on a lengthy drive. This one gets my approaval!

Mega Jump; Biggest Update Ever?

One of the Iphone, Android, and Ipod Touch’s biggest and best games is going to have a new update, which is Update 15. At the bottom of the post their will be a picture showing all the information i will be talking about.

Get Set Games has released that this update will be the biggest update that they have ever released. Right now the update is in review in the Apple App Store, and waiting approval. This update will have a lot of content that will possibly be doubling what is already in the game. The updates will be that they have added another world, which includes 20 more stages and over 50 brand new coin patterns! They have also released a youtube video for a preview of the game.

Video Preview!


Angry Birds in Real Life

T-Mobile created this Angry Birds meets reality event to promote the vast network of games they have on their cellar devices. The first person goes up and plays Angry Birds on the cell and BAM it happens in reality right in front of them. Check it out in the video below it’s pretty damn amazing.

Angry Birds Movie Trailer

Obviously this is not a real Angry Birds movie trailer but it’s an amazing fan made video. The guys over at Rooster Teeth always create funny video game related shorts and has to be one of their best.

I always feel bad for the pigs in Angry Birds, I mean they are just hanging out minding their own business when BAM! a fucking bird flies into their personal zone. They need to make an Angry Birds 2: Piggies Revenge where you throw pigs at birds.

Daily Pic: Never Play Angry Birds Like This…..

What the hell is this girl thinking? Does shit think “Fuck it, in Angry Birds they just restart the level if one of them dies. If my sister dies I’ll just do that.”.  Not cool little girl, someone donate five dollars to this family so they can all have a copy of Angry Birds.