New app for Skyrim Leaves Little to be Desired

So from time to time I head into the Apple app store and search video game titles to see what pops up, and this time it paid off in a big way. IGN recently released a new app for Skyrim. The app, which is free, gives you just about anything that you would want in a video game app. The app offers wallpapers, interactive maps, Wiki guides, videos, a skill tree planner, voice reference and social network connectivity and sharing.

Now, I probably should’ve popped in Skyrim today to test out things like the maps section and the walk through videos…but I got busy and didn’t. Never the less, this still seems to be a top notch app. It’s intuitive, simple, seemingly helpful and most of all everything can be accessed within the app. I really like this feature. In the past I’ve had apps that want to take you through your browser to get to certain features, especially videos, which can be bothersome.

I’ll be trying this app out in greater details and I hope it holds up to the initial impression. Either way though, it’s getting me back into Skyrim which I haven’t played in months…so it at least has that going for it.

What Would Curiosity Get You?

A lot of very talented and independent game developers spend their time trying to amass enough creativity and ideas to work on something big but starting off in the app business. We’ve got billions of apps just waiting to be downloaded and be played with. Well, one guy thought of making an app that’s a social experiment, something that will have everyone playing the game together. How is this game different from Angry Birds or Temple Run? First off, this game won’t use any birds nor any running at all. What you will be doing is collectively trying to chip off every bit of the surface of a massive cube, all the while trying to get inside the cube, because that’s your goal. That’s the entirety of this social experiment. It’s to see how far people are willing to know something that’s being kept from them and the only way to get to it is to hack away surfaces of smaller cubes within this huge black cube. This is the creativity Peter Molyneux has put into his game called “Curiosity: What’s Inside The Cube?” 

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Top Ten Shittiest Characters

These are characters I feel are stupidly useless or annoying, which may be worse. Most games have something redeeming but we´ve all played games that featured buzz kill personalities that ruin the experience. Here are my top ten shittiest characters.
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Ngmoco’s Ben Cousins Predicts the Death of Consoles… sorta

In a bit of news out of the GDC 2012, Gamasutra sat down with one Ben Cousins; and boy did he have a lot on his mind. One of those things was the apparent end of the video game console.

Cousins pointed out that there was a tipping point in 1998 where arcades were overtaken by consoles — and in fact, the console business is, as of today, 17 times the size of the arcade business.

It’s true.  Arcades are nowhere near as popular as they once were.   The one at my local mall is still in business, but it hurts every time I walk by and there’s never any people in it.

Now, with the biggest company in the world — Apple — having jumped into games, the tide will turn again. Apple, Google, and Facebook have a combined market capitalization of $793 billion, versus $306 billion for the combined market cap of Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo

(source: Gamasutra)

Yes, Apple is big and scary.  They have a wildly successful platform with  plenty of developers clamoring to make the next Angry Birds.

Now I can only speak for myself, but I’m guessing a lot of gamers share my feelings.   Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo will eventually release their next generation console, and I will buy them.  As big as games are on the ipad and ipod, they simply don’t offer everything I want.  I want my Mario, Zelda, and Metroid games.  I want to be able to jump on Xbox Live to gun down noobs in the Battlefield, Call of Duty, and Halo arenas.  I want to be able to choose my favorite Marvel or Capcom superhero and wage war against a trio of super-villains.  I want 25-man raids with my guild.  I want Microphone support.  I want cutting edge graphics at reasonable prices.  I want a bloody controller.  I could go on and on and Apple will continue to offer none of these features.   I want these things because I’m a gamer.  As long as there are gamers, there will probably always be the demand for consoles.


Taiwaneese Android ad brings Steve Jobs back from the dead?

They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, but what do you think?

In my honest opinion, I don’t care for it… at all! I honestly don’t know who would come up with something like this and say out loud “yeah, this is a great idea! Let’s do this!” I do think that if Jobs hadn’t passed away so soon, he would have toppled the Android makers easily. This is all my opinion of course… check out the article originally posted at

In the months following long-time Apple CEO Steve Jobs’s untimely death, we’ve seen him resurrected in many forms. He’s already been brought back in plastic and bronze, but we never thought we’d see him reborn as an Android supporter. Leave it to a Taiwanese tablet maker to dream up such a thing, and recreate an iconic Apple keynote presentation in the process.

The makers of the Taiwan-borne Action Pad tablet went to great lengths to honor (or mock?) the world-famous Apple co-founder by dressing a Taiwanese lookalike in Jobs’s popular black turtleneck and Levi’s blue jeans. For good measure, the Jobs-alike is even equipped with a heavenly halo and angel wings.

The fake CEO trots about a stage that looks very much like the ones Apple uses for its major product announcements, but it’s not an iPad in his hands — it’s the overseas knockoff. The ad boasts that the Action Pad is “the new generation of the pad,” and shows off various app icons ranging from an RSS reader to the recognizable Android mascot.

In a move that you’d never see the real Steve Jobs make, the angelic speaker touts the benefits of the Android 2.3 operating system that comes standard on the Action Pad, and even goes so far as to say “Thank God I can finally play another pad.”

While it might seem less than tasteful, the ad doesn’t actually use Jobs’s name or any copyrighted material that could land the Action Pad’s manufacturers in legal trouble. However, that hasn’t stopped many commenters from lambasting the parody on video hosting sites where it appears. Even Android fans are coming out against the clip, calling it “very disturbing,” and “extremely disrespectful.”

The tablet itself is nothing particularly special: It appears to be wifi-only with no 3G or 4G mobile connection options, and its Android 2.3 operating system is somewhat outdated as nearly all new Android slates come with a much newer version. Whether the off-color commercial will help the Action Pad gain traction remains to be seen, but with many calling for a boycott of the company as a whole, it might prove more of a curse than a blessing.

So there ya have it, please leave a comment below. Are you going to boycott Android? Or is this something that you may think has paid off and will continue to support their product?

Chatterbox Review: Disney’s “Where’s My Water?” app game!

Use your mind to solve the puzzles in order to let Swampy get his bath on!

I just wanted to pass along this gem of a game today. Over the weekend, I downloaded Disney’s latest release “Where’s My Water?” which is basically a physics game of water motion and finding a way to get the water to the main pipes so that that the main character, Swampy can take his bath!

The object of the game is to dig paths to create a track for the water leading to the pipe connected to Swampy’s shower. The first few levels are cake, but then they start to throw in the Purple and Green liquids that spoil the game if you let them get to the water pipes. Meanwhile, you see Swampy in the shower starting to get impatient as the water doesn’t come out of the sprayer. There are some hidden items as well as Easter eggs in this one too!

All in all, I thought this one was well worth the price. With the holiday season coming up, families will be traveling and this is definately one that will be enjoyable to play on a lengthy drive. This one gets my approaval!

World of Warcraft: Blizzard considering iOS

Blizzard announced that they are ‘looking at’ making World of Warcraft playable on iOS devices. Obviously the image above is a little misguiding because other than the iPad, I honestly don’t know if the iPhone 4 or any other iOS device could support WoW graphically.

World of Warcraft as part of Blizzard, already has a huge variety of online services and apps that keep them close to their daily players, even when they aren’t on their computers. So since they already run the internet (estimated; some 9 million daily U.S. players), why not just take over everyone’s mobile apple devices.

Greg Street, the WoW forum moderator told Eurogamer, “Everyone I know here has an iPhone or an iPad so we’re huge fans of the hardware. If we could make the right game changes to make that work, it’s something we’d be interested in. It’s not something you’re going to see in the next week or two, but it’s the kind of thing we’re always looking at.” Demos of the game have already been run demonstrating that the iPad has the power to run World of Warcraft, and Street said making an iOS version of the game is all about finding a way to transition the mouse and keyboard controls to touchscreen.

I don’t play WoW and never will because other than this site, I have, um what’s it called? Oh that’s right, a life. But I’m sure all the World of Warcraft freaks out there would explode in their pants if they looked on the app store one day to see an update for a full WoW downloadable game. Parents, go get your children Android phones while you still can.

Mega Jump Developers Interview: Mega Jump Multiplayer!!

Derek van Vliet from Get Set Games was nice enough to give me some of his free time for a quick interview, mostly about the future of Mega Jump and Get Set Games. I just recently read on their website that Mega Jump has just hit 9 million users, so congrats guys! Even though I am probably one of the worst interviewers of all time I got some great information from Derek including Mega Jumps steps to becoming a multi-player game and iPad compatible. Anyway check out the video above and if you don’t have Mega Jump you should probably get it ASAP cause its free bitch!(It’s on Droid as well)

GTA: China Town Wars HD Will Now Be On iPad

GTA: China Town Wars HD will now be available on the iPad.  So now you will be able to play all that Chinatown Wars goodness on a much larger screen, larger than ever before. The only problem, is it will be impossible to play on said iPad, so you might want to look into making your hands larger.  Either an intense disclaimer or a recommendation for minor plastic surgery by Rockstar Games  is probably forthcoming.