Is Half Life 3 Just Around the Corner?

Big news dropped last week from one of the industries fan-favorite developers, and it came in the form of a recent job listing. Valve Corporation is looking for an industrial designer with a background in “product design and manufacturing, ergonomics, usability, aesthetics, and surfacing,” according to a report released from Gameindustry International. In the past rumors have frequently surfaced about the company moving into the hardware market, including a rumor about working with Apple to develop a console, but this job posting seems to be a little too specific to have nothing to do with that end.

Most would assume that a console from Valve would utilize its popular Steam format, but that’s not the rumor that sparked the most amount of interest when I learned of this job listing. Just a few short hours after the news released I started hearing rumors that this may be what Valve has been waiting for in regards to releasing the long (very, very long) awaited Half Life 3. The Half Life series really helped to cement Valve as one of the majors hitters in the gaming market and fans have been clamoring for more Gordon Freeman for nearly a decade since the franchises second game dropped in November of 2004. To add a little more fuel to this rumor, official Half Life 3 shirts have been reported popping up in several game and comic conventions this year.

So what do you think? Would you want a Valve console, or are you happy with Steam for PC and Mac? Is this rumored console the vehicle for the next Half Life game? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

Half Life 3 News!

Rumors have been flying around the net about if VALVE will release either Half Life Episode 3 or Half Life 3. Given the nature of VALVE and the nature of the episodic games, it seems that Episode 3 will probably not be completed but rather merged into the greater Half Life 3. After VALVE publicity stunt at E3, in which they decided to release a “surprise” but ended up just showing Portal 2. It should indicate they might be working on a big project that was not ready for demo. It has been three years since the release of the second episode which most likely means they abandoned the episodic game system and are working on the big daddy HL3. It took them six years to release Half Life 2 so given the time frame we should be getting around the same time they should be releasing HL3. Lets really hope that they release HL 3 before they decided to release another shitty Left 4 Dead game.