Oh, Now I Remember


As I sat in front of my computer trying desperately to come up with something to write about this week I found myself without any ideas. There was no real news I was excited about. There aren’t any games coming out in the near future that I’m all that excited about. The WiiU is right around the corner, but seeing how I abhor EVERYTHING Nintendo…that was out too.


Then I tried to think of why I even like video games, and one memory came to mind. It was the day that, after more than a dozen years of playing games, I feel I actually became a “gamer”. But let me start with a bit of background info…


I’m a huge fan of the show Chuck. One day I was searching some YouTube videos and I came across a video featuring Adam Baldwin (John Casey) and Yvonne Strahovski (Sarah Walker) doing voice overs for a game titled Mass Effect 2. I instantly looked on Steam and found a demo. After playing through the demo about a half-dozen times I bought the game. It almost instantly started gettin every spare moment I had, but really never more than 1-2 hours at a time, that is, until a snow-day kept me out of class one day.


I was going to school fulltime, so after driving my wife to work I came home and sat down in front of my computer, cup of coffee beside me, and started in on my usual 1-2 hours. Before I knew it I looked at the clock and I had been playing for 4 hours. I refilled the coffee and sat back down. I clocked a total of about 8 1/2 hours that day…way more than I had ever spent in one day playing video games. I experimented with new weapons and new powers. Got in a grove with certain squad mates (usually Miranda and Thane or Miranda and Garrus). Went further and further than I’d ever gone. Developed an affinity for sniping, which I had previously hated in games, and developed my most defining quality as a gamer…sitting there all by myself saving the universe.



Now this is a relatively boring story, I’ll admit it, but for me it was the day that I picked up the gamer tag and haven’t put it down since. No, I didn’t grow up loving a lot of the older games, nor do I own dozens of different games…but I’m a gamer none the less. Gamers come in all shapes and bends.


So what’s your story? When did you pick up that gamer tag? Let us know in the comments.

Baking with Gamers


Okay… so good idea or bad idea: I give you Summoners Rift. Extra Large. Thin Crust. Only League of Legends players would get this, I know. But look at it, isn’t it cool? You can see the purple team’s base… the blue team’s base and the jungle spawns and huge chilies where baron and dragon spawn. It’s the perfect dish for gamers because we’re fat and lazy and no one will eat this except the five of us in the LAN party we had on a Friday night while the girl we’re crushing on is getting laid on the dance floor at some club.

Why won’t anyone else eat this? One: only losers will understand our tastes (/pun). Two: look at the detail on this thing. Can you imagine the work it took to put this thing together? The… hands that individually placed each kernel of corn? The grime encrusted fingers that ever so lovingly fondled the melted cheese? Delicious. I’d eat it if it had anchovies.

Gamer Girls Q & A #2


Age: 35 first name/or alias: Jackie

@JacksBee on Twitter

  1. How long have you been a gamer? What were your first memories of gaming? (If it’s a special story include it!)

Well I realize I am showing my age here, but my first memory of gaming is when my Dad brought home an Intellivision…has anyone else ever heard of that before?! We all had fun playing games like Night Stalker, Pitfall, Astrosmash, and Dungeons and Dragons (still one of my favorite games of all time). I was probably around 5 at the time. I remember one Christmas where the big game we received as a present was Lock ‘n Chase, a Pac-man type of game. We played for hours! We also had a Colecovision soon after so we played Donkey Kong, Donkey Kong Jr., Frogger, and Q-bert. My dad is the sole person responsible for my love of games-and we both still play today!

2. What are your favorite games? What are you best at?

I’m a big fan of RPGs, puzzle games, and platformers. My favorite franchise of all time is the Legend of Zelda. I’m probably best at RPGs. I also like oddball games such as Katamari Damacy, Little Big Planet and Patapon. I love Final Fantasy, the Lego games, Prince of Persia, Castlevania, Kingdom Hearts, any Mario/Donkey Kong/Kirby game, etc. I do enjoy fighting games as well, like Mortal Kombat, Marvel vs. Capcom, and Smash Bros. Basically the only types of game I usually avoid are first person shooters.

 3. What is it like being a girl in a predominantly male industry? Is it fun embarrassing guys when you play games?

Being a girl in this industry can be challenging. I worked for a time at a major video game retailer after college, and all the guys there resented me and it wasn’t the best situation. I never had a problem before with being a girl gamer, but they made me feel unwelcome. They just weren’t very nice to me, for whatever reason. However, I always had a ton of guy friends growing up because of our love of video games, and my husband and I bonded over our love of games. I think it’s getting better though, since I actually see more girls working in games stores and notice more girls blogging about games.

4. What do you love most about games?

I love that anything can happen in a video game! It’s an escape from reality. Where else can you roll a giant ball and pick up random objects to make a star in the sky? I love being able to control a character that has a sword, magic, or both. I also admire all the detail that goes into video games, from character stories, abilities, costumes, and musi

5. Any games in particular you play just for the story?

Kingdom Hearts, without a doubt. Final Fantasy VII and IX are other stories that I love. Ocarina of Time is probably my favorite video game story of all time.

6. Any female celebrities do you know who game, if so are they a roll model?

I honestly can’t think of one female celebrity. It’s sad, really. Although I am getting a kick out of the Zelda Williams (the daughter of actor Robin Williams) commercials Nintendo has been pushing for the Zelda anniversary

7. What is your favorite console?

Even though it is considered the redheaded stepchild, I love my Wii. I guess because I have a soft spot for all those Nintendo characters. However, the PS3 is a close second for all the great Japanese titles and RPGs.

8. How much is gaming integrated into your life style?

I play at least a couple of hours a day. I also commute to work by train so it’s a great excuse to catch up on DS or PSP games. If a game store near me has a game release party or event I will always try to attend (I will be at the Zelda: Skyward Sword event in New York City soon!

9. Are you a nerd? If so a nerd for life?!

I am absolutely a nerd and proud of it! I think I’m definitely a nerd for life-here I am at 35 and still going strong with games. I’m the type of nerd who went out at midnight to stand in line for the release of Twilight Princess-and I live close enough to New York City that I can attend special events at the Nintendo World Store-if that isn’t a nerd I don’t know who is!

Daily Pic: Wii Remote Bra…

Okay…. Well here face is a 7/10 but those boobies def get a 10/10 if they are real and if they are fake they get at 6/10(I am not a fan of the fake I go all naturallll). Anyway I wish that women would just walk the street holding the Wii controller for a bra, I believe it would make the work a better place. Probably save a lot of lives, I don’t know someone try it and send me a picture I need to see it for myself(ahaha). (Thxthechive)