DeadRising2 Real Zombie Giveaway Has a Winner

If you guys remember in the DeadRising2: High Stakes Edition they were inserting a golden ticket whereby if you get this such ticket you will win a life size zombie. Sadly to say that today the zombie has just found a home, but for all of you who know where this guy lives we should wait till he leaves his house, then seduce his hot mother,  make love to her for several hours, and then make out the back door with the zombie. Seriously how bad ass would that be, fuck I forgot what I was talking about. Well stay tuned for a Q & A with the winner. (thxcu)

Capcom DeadRising2 Giveaway: How to Cheat the System!

Capcom is always one to give back to the community, (even if there is only 5 of them) and this time they are giving out copies of DeadRising2 and much more (you can see in the photo above). Well the question that Capcom employs you with is “Which weapon would you create in a zombie apocalypse?” Now you can think hard and come up with a good weapon, orrrrr you can jump on board the GameVain wagon(even if there is only 2 of you) and say something completely ridiculous such as…

my advice to you is to not try and be a GameVainer but do your own thing. We are probably going to lose and be forever blacklisted from Capcom, but we will love DeadRising2/Capcom forever, in a totally gay way(if your feeling awkward I think there is a picture of a girl playing a DS in a thong on our site, take a good look at that for a couple of hours it helps).

DeadRising2: Happy Release Day and Weapon of the Week

The Penetrator is exactly what it sounds like its meant for deeper penetration(That’s What He Said!). This weapon is amazing and something that you need to experience while playing DeadRising2.

Happy DeadRising2 release day I hope all of you are enjoying the game.! GameVain’s review on the game is up today so check it out!

DeadRising2 Rates High Where it Counts!

DeadRising2, Capcom’s most anticipated game of this fall, was rated very well but Game Informer magazine. Game Informer reviewer Jeff Cork explained, “For the sequel, Blue Castle Games and Capcom took a long, hard look at the first game and addressed nearly all of its major annoyances. The end result is one of the most enjoyable games I’ve played this year.” Cork ultimately gave DeadRising2 a 9.5/10, and after giving the game a play personally I definitively could see why he scored DR2 so high.  Stay tuned for GameVains review of DR2 coming next week! (full review here)

DeadRising2 Chainsaw Bike in Real Life!

This is exactly why people think video games make you violent because douche bag kids decide to build something extremely dangerous like this. Who the fuck in their right mind decides to put chainsaws on a motor cycle, that’s look putting teeth in a vagina! BTW Teeth is a fucked up movie you should never watch, to me its worse than 2 girls one cup. (thxcap)