Gamescom 2012

Ah, I love the smell of a convention floor with a tad mix of gaming frenzy. That is Gamescom for you. Alright, I can hear you ask yourself “What the heck is Gamescom?” I can answer that for you. Think of Gamescom like the Electronic Entertainment Expo or E3. Instead of in the US, Gamescom is held in Koelnmesse in Cologne, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany. An annual event that started back in 2009 whose promising cult followers(if you can already establish a cult following just being its 3rd year) have gathered from all over the world. Don’t forget the exhibitors, almost every game developer from 39 different countries have signed up for this year’s Gamescon. All sorts of news, trailers, and inside reports are in store. Come and join me as we uncover all the details Gamescon has to offer.

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Battlefield 3 Gamespy Review

Gamespy has just posted a review for the upcoming game Battlefield 3, giving it 5 stars and a press average of 9.5.

Things go from good to great in the game’s co-op mode, which can only be described as short and sweet. Comprised of six missions, playing through on normal should see you breeze through them all in just a couple of hours. Cranking it up a notch to hard sees the challenge spike massively, and due to the lack of any in-mission save, makes the experience last a lot longer. This is a good thing, as the missions within are resoundingly fantastic. From the opening level, where you and a pal fly over-watch in a Cobra, to the finest co-op level ever created, a sniping mission in the heart of Paris, it’s just a shame that more of these kinds of experiences weren’t included in the singleplayer campaign. I’ve already put my credit card aside for the inevitable DLC co-op downloads; if they’re anywhere near as good as the six included at launch I have no hesitation in paying for more. (thxgs)”

There’s a lot more in-depth analysis on the game’s pros and cons. Follow the link here to check it out.

New Battlefield 3 Teaser and Beta Details

A new Battlefield 3 teaser featuring Jay-Z’s “99 Problems” has gone up. As we get closer and closer to the game’s October 25th release date, more details about the multiplayer have been revealed. First, an open multiplayer beta will go live on September 29th and will last until October 10th. For those who pre-ordered the game off of Origin or pre-ordered a copy of the limited edition of Medal of Honor will be able to access the beta two days earlier on September 27th. The beta will feature a map set in Paris called “Operation Metro”, which includes lush parks, Paris streets, and a bombed out metro station. The map will showing off the game’s Rush Mode, where one side tries to take over stations and the other side defends.

Not only will players be able to try out the multiplayer, they will be able to try out the new Battlelog, a free social media network specifically made for Battlefield. Players will be able to communicate with friends, view stats, and share their progress.

And in even more multiplayer news, Playstation 3 owners will get access to the game’s multiplayer expansion map packs first. However, this timed-exclusive will only last a week. One week early is better than nothing, right?



Battlefield 3 new gameplay trailer

A new video has been posted up on the official Battlefield 3 blog with gameplay footage from the upcoming Battlefield 3. It shows the weaponry that will be included in the downloadable content, the Physical Warfare Pack, that is only available to those who pre-order the game from Game Stop or EA’s Origin service. Some items include different add-ons and various types of ammo to murder and kill random people to your heart’s desire. Check out the carnage in the video below.

Battlefield 3: Weapon Customization Video

Many readers continue to question whether or not the customization of weapons in Battlefield 3 will be up to par with its biggest competitor Call of Duty.

Well there are three entire videos below that showcase the weapon customization in Battlefield 3, which leads me to believe it could reach a level better than Call of duty.

Nothing is for sure yet but check out the videos below and come to your own conclusion.

Battlefield 3: Social Network – Battlelog

The guys at EA are ready to go head to head with their competition at Activision. The release of Battlelog was initially thought to be fake but it was recently confirmed to be completely true. The site will go toe to toe with Call of Duties: Elite which is Modern Warfare 3’s new social network.

DICE(Battlefield devs) stated,

“With Battlelog, players will be able to build a network of friends, communicate with other gamers, and compare their Battlefield stats with friends and foes alike. It brings all of the social aspects of Battlefield into a single location, allowing you to coordinate any action at the push of a button and get into the game as easily as possible. What’s the cost for Battlelog? Nothing. It’s absolutely free.”

Another social network to deal with, no thanks. Although I will probably end up getting and Battlelog account and meeting up with the fella’s via the web.

What’s nice about Battlelog is that Call of Duty: Elite will cost and for Battlelog to be completely free makes a statement about the state of this issue.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 or Battlefield 3? Your choice what you think? Links to Battlefield 3’s Website…WTF?!

It turns out the links straight to EA’s Battlefield 3’s website which is extremely strange. The question is why this is? Well Activision didn’t hop on and purchase the MW domains quick enough, so fans of Battlefield 3 bought up and linked it straight to the Battlefield 3 website.  The owners of claim that Battlefield is a superior game and Modern Warfare 3 doesn’t deserve to be in the same arena as Battlefield. has also been bought up by fans of the Battlefield series. Only this time they are letting you decide what to do with the domain name. You have a choice on how the domain is used(for evil of course), all fans vote on what to use the domain for,  the picture below show cases that very voting.

The question is WTF was Activision thinking?! Well because they have been using, they don’t care as much as these fans believe they do. If they really wanted the domain they would of offered the fans a couple grand for the website, I mean that would make the much more sense. After which those fans allegiance would change and they will be sucking on Activision’s d**k.

The thing I find most funny is neither game is out yet..I hope they both bomb so I can laugh at all the people arguing over games they have never played.