New app for Skyrim Leaves Little to be Desired

So from time to time I head into the Apple app store and search video game titles to see what pops up, and this time it paid off in a big way. IGN recently released a new app for Skyrim. The app, which is free, gives you just about anything that you would want in a video game app. The app offers wallpapers, interactive maps, Wiki guides, videos, a skill tree planner, voice reference and social network connectivity and sharing.

Now, I probably should’ve popped in Skyrim today to test out things like the maps section and the walk through videos…but I got busy and didn’t. Never the less, this still seems to be a top notch app. It’s intuitive, simple, seemingly helpful and most of all everything can be accessed within the app. I really like this feature. In the past I’ve had apps that want to take you through your browser to get to certain features, especially videos, which can be bothersome.

I’ll be trying this app out in greater details and I hope it holds up to the initial impression. Either way though, it’s getting me back into Skyrim which I haven’t played in months…so it at least has that going for it.

Need Help? Just Ask Evi!


For the many of us that Don’t have an iPhone 4s with iOS, this might help you out!
Introducing Evi! A Usefull virtual assistances like Siri, only it’s actually available for those IN the U.S.
*Siri was only available Outside the states…*
Evi can be installed onto any iPhone model that has iOS 4.0. and is also available for Android phone users via Beta Android Version

She can answer any question you ask her, rather it be for informational purposes OR personal. She’ll answer to the best of her ability. Want to know how to make something like, I don’t know.. “Beef Stew” just ask Evi and she’ll whip you up a good recipe. Whereas Siri only sends you web links, Evi will actually give you a List of recipes! Mmmm.. Anyway! Even though Evi may still be in beta stage (like Siri) she works pretty amazing! As of now, Evi has Over a billion facts in her database available at your fingertips. And she’s still growing.

If Evi intersets you, you can buy her for a very low $0.99

App: Always Win!

This is a pretty fun application you can pick up on the iPhone.

It’s essentially just a game of war you and your friends can play whenever you get bored. But there is a little trick to this application. If you touch the top of the card the player towards the top of the iPhone “Always Wins” and if you touch the bottom well the player on the bottom “Always Wins”.

It’s a cool way to get what you want if your in a situation where you don’t have a coin to toss. Plus you can just touch the center of the card and the game will be random.

Check out the game here Appstore!

Chatterbox Review: Bouncy Bug app game!

Happy Friday everybody! Chatterbox here today to share a little app I downloaded called Bouncy Bug.

Mega Juicy, Bouncy Fun!

Bouncy Bug is an action game that features flexible liquid environments, and awesome trampoline style action like nothing you have played before.

Press the jello walls to bounce Clyde around the levels while trying to collect all the fruit. Press the floor and walls to bounce our hero into every twisty, bouncy corner. Swipe the jelly to create waves in the jello. Carefully time your bounces to get more height and speed with each bounce.

*Unique control method – touch walls to bounce.
*Loads of tricky levels and cool powers
*Game Center & stacks of achievements
*Dynamically generated graphics
*Universal: iPhone & iPad cross compatible
*Great for all ages, easy to learn
*Very addictive, exciting game play
*Full community on Facebook and Twitter
*Play your own music in the background while you play

All in all I thought it was a pretty decent time waster game. You know, if the system goes down at the office, you can easily pass time while IT eats lunch instead of working on your computer. It was a little addicting. I used 2 battery charges in a night and my wife did as well. Very simple, but entertaining game! Be sure to follow Bouncy Bug on twitter @BouncyBugGame as well as @appinthebox as well as @_The_Chatterbox AS WELL AS @gamevain. For $.99, this one gets my approval. Special thanks to for sending over the download. Until next time…

Graphically Yours,

The Chatterbox

Chatterbox Review: Rocklive Mike Tyson’s Main Event Pauly D update!

Ever wanted to punch one of the cast members of MTV’s Jersey Shore in the face? Here’s your chance!

Over the weekend, Rocklive sent Push notifications that they added an update to their version of the hybrid NES Mike Tyson’s Punchout/SNES Punchout that includes DJ Pauly D. as soon as I downloading it, I hit the ring to do some damage. Here’s my thoughts.

Pauly D was a free update for users who downloaded on Friday. From there, I’m not sure how much it costs, but it can’t be much. Since I’ve already and unloacked all of the fighters, Pauly D was next in line. Out of all the cast members though, he would be one I actually don’t mind. He seems pretty cool (aside from his Dick Tracy’s Flat-Top villain hair).

Round 1: Dj Pauly D is protected behind the turntable, enabling him to throw records at you to dodge. This is basically how the first round ends.

Round 2: It’s T-shirt time! Pauly D puts down the records and gets his battle on with you. Watch out for his super Macho Man-like punch. It lands quite a bit of the time. Work punches on both head and body after he misses.

Round 3: It’s time to go for broke. If you don’t knock him out or knock him down 3 times to win, then you automatically lose. Keep dodging his punches and work head and body shots. There you have it.

All in all, it was a pretty awesome addition to my ipod app… especially at the price of free. If you haven’t already, go and download it. It’s a decent time killer if you’re stuck in traffic, in the dentist/doctor’s office, etc. It definitely brings me back to the original NES days. Mike Tyson’s Punchout was one of our first and favorite games.

This one definately gets my seal of approval. I would say 2 “fist pumps” up. Be sure to follow me on twitter @_The_Chatterbox and follow on twitter @gamevain.

Graphically Yours,
The Chatterbox