Trials: Evolution: How Could You Not Be Excited!?

Trials HD has been one of those games that since its release on Xbox360 I personally have not put it down. With so much to do in Trails HD the game seldom becomes repetitive or boring. It has been one of those games that just simply does not get old. Although many of times I have seen a player throw a controller out of frustration from the challenging levels, it still does not deter me or them from continuing from where they left off(Yes, it’s that addicting). So yes, I am extremely excited to see a sequel be released.

Redlynx  recently released the trailer for Trails Evolution the sequel to the Xbox Live Arcade game Trails HD. The Trials Evolution trailer has literally blown my mind. If the trailer in any indication of what is in store for us in  Trails: Evolution then it looks like Xbox Live Arcade game of the year have already been determined ;). The game is set to release sometime in spring of this year. Anyway check out the trailer it is amazing!

Gotham City Impostors Beta: First Impressions

Here at GameVain we were lucky enough to receive a beta code for Gotham City Impostors(GCI). The game as a beta is actually really fun and extremely fast paced, never a dull moment. GCI is a first person shooter and I would put it in the same category as any of the Call of Duty games. In fact Call of Duty and GCI are extremely similar, from the first person mechanics all the way to the button configuration they are the same. Which is refreshing because you are able to pick up and quickly play GCI, unlike the huge learning curve of Battlefield 3(which is a great game as well).

The one thing that I like about GCI over all other first person shooters, besides the extremely fun weapons and add-ons, and this may seem simple but is important to me, GCI does not use an aim assist. Well at least not in the beta, this is something that takes a great first person shooter player and debilitates them. It really evens the playing field on console shooters. To explain: aim assist is when you see a target and when you take aim the console game(VS PC) will auto adjust your cursor and correct your aim on that target. This is how most amazing COD players essentially get so good, they basically learn how the auto aim works and exploit it.

NO MORE I SAY! GCI removes that bullshit and evens the playing field so if you are naturally good at FPS games you will do excelling well in a GCI match. If you played the beta leave a comment with your thoughts about it. Otherwise have a great fucking day.

Weekend Babe-ary # 23

Weekend Babe-ary #24 goes to super down chick Cameron Diaz! Apparently Cameron plays World of Warcraft which makes her sexy and a total nerd, a sex-nerd!

Word on the street is Miss Diaz plays a character in WOW called Hippopotamus on Detheroc. Sounds like some kinky shit. I would love to raid with this sexy chick.

So today Cameron Diaz,

GameVain Salutes You!

Batman Arkham City: Kinect Video (Spoof)

Forget anything you have ever read on GameVain because this is probably one of the best posts we have done in a long while. I present to you the GameVain original video of Batman Arkham City Kinect, an exclusive look at the new Kinect version of Batman Arkham City. Enjoy 😉

Hot Girl Playing Dead Space 2

Girl playing Dead Space 2...kewl.

I was looking for some Dead Space 2 hardcore walkthroughs and I stumbled upon this female with an unusually healthy amount of chesticles playing Dead Space……kewl…


Can’t get enough huh?…. Well here is another video of her using the Hand Cannon weapon IN REAL LIFE —the weapon you receive after beating Dead Space 2 on Hardcore mode… 



Wtf you’re still craving for MOAR?!?
You guys make me sick!







New Twisted Metal Gameplay

I remember way back when I used to play Twisted Metal on the Playstation One—listening to Rob Zombie while jamming the buttons for cheat codes so that I could kick my cousin’s ass…

Looks like this time I won’t need cheat codes…because in this PS3 exclusive game (sorry Xbox gamers–me) we get to use helicopters, fully pimped out big rigs, and BIG BALLS…

But more importantly it looks like they have answered our calls and have given us the weapon we have all been waiting for… launch-able patients in wheelchairs (0:22 seconds)…yeah…(thxpsb)

Half Life 2 in Real Life


Over a year ago, the Purchase Brothers released an amazing short showing us what Half Life 2 would be like in real life. It was so impressive that Valve flew them over to have a chat…possible Half Life movie???

Well, they have finally released Part Two.

This time around they show us what Half Life 2 would be like in real life…….if you had a hot Russian girlfriend.

Onlive Just Handing Out Deals

Onlive is amazing. There’s no way around it. Even if you don’t have the pipes to steam video games, you can at least appreciate the tech behind it, but if you do have the bandwidth, they have the deals and you should jump on it ASAP! Today only, Onlive is giving us Darksiders for only $5. In fact, every Friday, there’s a different $5 deal. Last week it was Just Cause 2 and the week before it was another high quality game, so these deals are nothing to scoff at. They’re still 100x better than any used deal you’ll find at Gamestop.

To make it even better, if you sign up for the play pack for only $9.99 a month – not only do you get access to 70+ games for unlimited play (of these you will probably play about 3 or 4 of them) – but you’ll also get 30% off any other games in the store! There is literally no better buys for games. The only problem with this service is the very limited game selection, but given enough support, I’m sure this will change.

In other words, if you don’t take advantage of this, and you have broadband, you don’t deserve the money you’re throwing away.

Most Amazing Tetris Player I Have Ever Seen!

Wow, at first I thought that this video was just sped up but upon further research it seems to be completely legitimate. He doesn’t even see the damn bricks fall and he has it on lock. It’s a bit ridiculous how good this guy is at this game, if we ever needed to save the world by playing a game of Tetris this would be your man.

Amazing Guy Plays Legend of Zelda Blind

This is amazing, this guy in the video below set up a speaker system so he is able to play the Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of time even though he is blind. He is able to tell you exactly where he is in the game even though he can’t see the gameplay. He has a special system set up to take him back in time if he messes up at any part of the game which is awesome. Through trial and error this hero was able to beat Ocarina of Time without even seeing the game. This guy is my new fucking hero!