What Would Curiosity Get You?

A lot of very talented and independent game developers spend their time trying to amass enough creativity and ideas to work on something big but starting off in the app business. We’ve got billions of apps just waiting to be downloaded and be played with. Well, one guy thought of making an app that’s a social experiment, something that will have everyone playing the game together. How is this game different from Angry Birds or Temple Run? First off, this game won’t use any birds nor any running at all. What you will be doing is collectively trying to chip off every bit of the surface of a massive cube, all the while trying to get inside the cube, because that’s your goal. That’s the entirety of this social experiment. It’s to see how far people are willing to know something that’s being kept from them and the only way to get to it is to hack away surfaces of smaller cubes within this huge black cube. This is the creativity Peter Molyneux has put into his game called “Curiosity: What’s Inside The Cube?” 

Peter Molyneux, creator of Curiosity: What’s Inside The Cube?, is famed for being the lead designer of the Fable series.

Peter Molyneux and his startup company, 22Cans, think about innovative ideas and really challenging the very foundations of how big an experiment needs to be and shaping it into worthwhile apps. According to Gaming Blend, one of those is Curiosity(later changed to Curiosity: What’s Inside The Cube? to distinguish itself from NASA’s Curiosity rover). A simple game that Peter emphasizes that it’s not so much of a game but more of a social experiment. Utilizing the idea of social experiment and giving everyone the chance to participate.

The game starts off in an empty room. In one corner of the room lies this huge black cube. What you’ll be doing is trying to get through to the center of the cube and trying to find out what’s inside. The catch(or if you look at it the way Peter does, the bright side) is that you won’t be the only one, everyone else is chipping off bits of the surface of the very same cube you’ll be working on. Inside the cube, says Peter, will be life changing.

Peter also reported that people would be given a chance to upgrade their chipping equipment by buying these equipment where you’ll be using actual money. He stated that there are three types, one would have you chip off ten cubelets instead of one. The other, a hundred cubelets will fall off. You’ll get that one for $5. The last one, he called it the diamond chisel, it will be sold to only one person. When you tap one cube with that chisel, 1000 bits of cubelets will be taken away. The only problem is, that diamond chisel will cost you around $50,000.Now are you willing to pay that much to find out something hidden? That is an argument people have been involving themselves in since the add-ons were announced.

In this video, Peter Molyneux discusses his thoughts on his company’s creation(Courtesy of MrVg247):

It begs the question, when only one person gets to the center of the cube, how will we know that person is telling the truth about what’s inside? I expect a lot of people just fooling around and lying about what’s really inside. One way to find out, when the game comes out, we’ll be spending our time chipping away bits of the massive black cube. The game is set  to be released this September for the iOS. What do you think, is it worth it to buy that $50,000 chisel, only to find out that you could have gone without knowing what’s inside the cube? Tell us, down on the comment section below.

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  1. Nice article man, I myself am very Interested at the amount of people who’d lie about what’s inside the cube or who’d buy a chisel for 50k moleneux social experiment already seems to be working

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