Mortal Kombat Needs To Step Up Their Game

It’s been hinted that there will be sequel to the 2011’s Mortal Kombat. The thing is, NeatherRealm, the developer of Mortal Kombat hasn’t started yet. I’ve got a few issues in mind, something very specific. First of all, they’ve gotta’ mix things up. It’s hard already that the game just progresses through the plot without having any variation that’s worth notable from the previous Mortal Kombats. Second, adding new characters is not enough for a game franchise that has been around a little over than a decade. And lastly, I raise a question. Do we really need another Mortal Kombat Game?

The problems I’m facing with another Mortal Kombat game came from the creative director himself, Ed Boon. It’s what he told CVG that made me stop and think about the each and every game with the title Mortal Kombat in it. Here’s what he told CVG, word for word:

“Just philosophically, I don’t think we could take the approach of doing the same thing but adding new characters in our next Mortal Kombat game, we definitely want to do something new with it, we feel we have to introduce something into the mix.” 


Mortal Kombat 2 – 1993

Mortal Kombat: Armageddon – 2006 


Along with that, Boon stated that if a new Mortal Kombat game is to be developed, it should be for a new console. If it were a new console, it would provide players, in his words, “dramatically different experiences.”

Anyway, before we can expect to send them letters about our complaints, NeatherRealm is still working on the final touches on their latest game Injustice: Gods Among Us which won’t be released until the first half of 2013. No worries though, time flies really fast, so expect some news on this matter in the near future.

What do you think, should NeatherRealm stick to what they’ve been doing and just keep Mortal Kombat as is? Or do you want them to add not just some spices but some NEW ONES as well? Comment down below.

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