Danica Patrick to appear in Sonic’s crap racing game

In an effort to generate huge sales for Sonic & All Stars Racing Transformed, it was announced at E3 that US auto racer Danica Patrick will be featured in this game.

Come on! No one cares! No one wants to see Sonic behind the wheel of a car. He has supersonic speed, hence the name. Why the hell would he need to drive a car?!

Fans of Danica Patrick should shake their heads in shame at this misuse of this beautiful woman. But don’t worry this game won’t see another sequel.


(Thanks Ian)

2 thoughts on “Danica Patrick to appear in Sonic’s crap racing game

  1. The only way I’d be interested in this game is if Danica appears naked, and at that, I may still pirate it. Just saying…

    Sonic needs to quit running and start punching people in the balls.

  2. Gamers already think that anything Nintendo does is casual. And as far as the Wii U gamepad, it looks like a Wii classic controller and one of those cheap 7″ Android tablets you get at Big Lots, hooked up, had a one night stand and Presto!

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