The Walking Dead: The Game Finally Bites Its Way Into Your Console

I’ve been talking about The Walking Dead since I started working here, only because it’s worth all the words. You might think, “Oh, not another zombie game.” Well, it isn’t actually. What sets The Walking Dead: The Game apart from almost every zombie game out there is its unique way to emphasize character development and its character-driven stories. You see, back in 2003, The Walking Dead comic book started its inevitable rise to mainstream America thanks to writer Robert Kirkman and artist Tony Moore. That’s right, it was a comic book first before becoming a tv show. Since then, The Walking Dead was and still to this day praised by millions of fans, not because of the hack and slash, gory, and violent depiction of zombies and ways to kill them. Which, by the way, current artist Charlie Adlard and inker/colorist Cliff Rathburn are doing an exceptional work. It is because of the story of a man and his struggle to survive. Questions like “what if a man is put in a certain situation, what will he do to survive and keep everyone around him safe?” was clearly studied extensively by the series’ writer Robert Kirkman.

The same goes for the video game, eerily similar to the award-winning book. A man whose past must not delve into the present, is put in tragic and self-contemplating circumstances, now must find his way to endure everything that is being thrown at him. You still want to sink your teeth into this game? No worries. The first episode of the five-episodic series is out today on Playstation Network, Xbox Live Arcade, Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X, and iOS for only $4.99. Also, you will be able to pre-purchase the entire season for as low as $19.99 which would give you a savings of $4.99 and an exclusive theme for your PlayStation 3 console.

Here are the themes:



Also, the next episodes are released one month after the other. Expect to enjoy your summer with blood and gore.

If you want more information on this batboy to slightly lean you towards into buying this game, I have dug this up from Youtube and have made them available for you to watch right here on our site. Thanks to Machinima, we are given an inside look at the gameplay of this game, which is not included in my previous The Walking Dead: The Game post. The guys from Machina have sat down with one of the game’s developers from Telltale games and gives us and in-depth summary of the things to come. Highlighting some key issues and character cameos and supporting roles. Be sure to watch these videos.


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