Kratos Is Back… Or Is He Really?

Remember the last scene of God of War III, right after Kratos impales himself with the Sword of Olympus? It seemed that he died and wasn’t coming back. You were hoping for a better ending weren’t you. An ending where Kratos is alive and well. And the post-credit scenes gave you a little hope huh? You see a trail of blood starting from where Kratos lay dead, leading out into a possibility of sequels for the God of War franchise. Well, a fourth God of War game was teased way back. Now, the trailer has arrived. But wait, the title of the game is God of War: Ascension. That just sends out mixed signals. Is he really coming back, ascending from his previous run-ins with the gods? Or is this something else? A Prequel perhaps? Just take a look and see for yourself.


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