Tons of Dishonored Screenshots

Oh my! This is what happens when I neglect updating news on this game: a bunch of screenshots suddenly appear. The in-game footage looks amazing and there’s too much content for me to pack into one simple article. But damn, would you look at the graphics? It almost makes you forget its a Bethesda game! Hah, I joke. But really, Bethesda games are notorious for having grossly anti-climactic endings. Remember the end of Oblivion? Did you enjoy fighting the last boss? What about in Rage? Wasn’t the last boss awesome? Let’s not forget Fallout 3! Hard mode is when you don’t use VATS on the last boss.

But I digress. Dishonored looks like a lot of fun to play, it looks really open, I love the Half-life meets Bioshock feel these screens have.

The rest of the screens can be found in this fancy slideshow.

More bundle goodness!

If y’all weren’t aware, I have a raging hard on for pay what you want bundles brought to you by the homies over at Humble Bundle. It’s a great way to curb piracy, support indie developers, and do your good deed for the year by donating to charity. I’ve already collected quite a few bundles without breaking the bank.

Trust me, these games are top quality indie games that would otherwise sell great on their own. So take advantage of the great opportunity presented here!

Up in this featured bundle are 5 stylish games, the proceeds of which will go to help fund the rainforest preservation (one tree hugger cause that I am in favor of).

Extra perks are available for those who pay around the average price, currently at 8 bucks. Either way, pay what you want for: Botinacula, Machinarium, Samorost 2, Kooky, & Windosill. Kooky and Windosill are the extra perks this time.


Perpetual Testing Initiative

So Portal 2 is set to release some interesting DLC on May 8th.

Sorry it’s not the seductive and sexy Smooth Sax Expansion

It turns out the Perpetual Testing Initiative will be free content that will introduce a new mode that is similar to PSN’s echochrome and Little Big Planet’s level creator.

In the PTI, you can create your own levels that will be published and rated by fellow community Steam members. Looks like fun, check it out!


Rayman Legends confirmed for Wii U

Rayman vs. Evil Bunnies

Check out this trailer for Rayman Legends that has been officially confirmed for the Wii U.

I remember Rayman from my N64 days. I borrowed Rayman 2: The Great Escape from a friend and spent an entire weekend playing it with my younger brother. I haven’t kept up on the series since then but after checking out this trailer, I am definitely going to take a look at the games in this series.

One Piece: Pirate Warriors coming soon for the PS3

The fearless Monkey

For those of you who are fans of the popular manga and anime series “One Piece”, PS3 will be releasing One Piece: Pirate Warriors later this year. Check out the video for the game trailer.

“One Piece” follows teenager Monkey Luffy, who gains the power to extend his limbs after eating the mysterious Gum-Gum Fruit. He sets out on an adventure with a motley crew of pirates in search of treasure.

Being a fan of the anime series, I am interested in how the game will make use of Monkey’s stretching abilities. I expect to punch an enemy from quite a distance away or combo a couple enemies with a swing of my elongated arm. From the looks of the trailer I don’t think I will be disappointed.

Luigi’s Mansion 2 – New Screens and Info


Being the huge Luigi’s Mansion fan I am, I was pumped to see the announcement that there would be a Luigi’s Mansion part 2, but since that announcement and  initial previews at the 2011 E3, we haven’t been given many details other than the game was certain to be delayed, which are probably a result of switching directors during development.

Miyamoto is taking direct responsibility for Luigi’s Mansion 2. For their previous Nintendo outings, Next Level worked closely Kensuke Tanabe, who is in charge of production with Western developers. With Miyamoto’s comments of his work with Luigi’s Mansion 2, which has been hinted at in several interviews, we can assume this is the most Miyamoto time that Next Level Games has been privy to. That means that some tea tables might be getting upended.


To summarize what we know for sure about some of the differences between part one and part two,

The only lengthy discussion about the game came during E3 2011. Miyamoto said at the developer roundtable last year that the sequel will be more focused on puzzles than the original. The sequel features multiple mansions, and E. Gadd, who returns, will move Luigi around the houses in a cute, pixel-y fashion.

The name of Luigi’s ghost-busting pack is now the Poltergust 5000 instead of the Poltergust 3000. There are likely some other additions, but we’ve only seen the strobe light effect that stuns ghosts. We know that King Boo and his army of ghosts will return, though the overarching story has not been laid out. King Boo could be the big bad again, or he could just be the boss of one of the many mansions.

Screenshots show off a variety of familiar and new locations. There’s a dining room, an icy cavern, a subterranean plant-infested area, and an Egyptian tomb-like area.


Check out some of the new screenshots below.

(thx NWP)

Korean Publisher Nexon is Attempting to Purchase EA

Yep, one of the largest American video game publishing companies is reportedly looking to be bought by a foreign publisher.

In what must be a rather surprising turn of events, game developer and publisher Nexon has apparently put forward a takeover bid. If this is true, this is basically a case of a company that makes most of its money from free-to-play games attempting to buy a publisher that makes its money from paid-for titles, like Madden NFL

… For now, the takeover bid doesn’t hold that much water until one of the companies officially comments. If it turns out to be a serious offer, it could really shake things up for EA and we could see some unusual title carrying the EA logo in future.

This story boggles my mind.  Now I don’t know the business side of gaming all that much, but something like this just doesn’t make any sense.   For a buyout to work, I was under the influence that the company buying has to be worth significantly more than one being purchased. EA is one of the largest video game publishing companies in America.  So how big of a company is Nexon to be throwing around offers for EA?  I had to dig around a bit, but the Nexon IPO is reportedly worth $1.3 billion with the owner Kim Jung-ju worth about $4.3 billion. The NASDAQ lists EA as having a market value of about $5.2 billion. So we have a company worth about $5.6 billion in assets seeking to purchase a rival company worth $5.2 billion. Doesn’t that mean Nexon would have to basically sell 100% of all their assets to make it even possible to purchase EA? And if so, wouldn’t that make purchasing EA a moot proposition as a result? I could be completely wrong on everything, but for a commoner such as myself, it just doesn’t add up.

(thx Geek)


UPDATE: A great article explaining how a deal like this would likely succeed or fail was posted. Wedbush analyst Michael Pachter explains –

Nexon’s market cap is around $8 billion, and their CEO owns over 50% of the stock. Float is around $1.5 billion. If they did a stock-for-stock deal for EA at $20 (very unlikely that this would be the price), they would have to issue shares bringing their market cap to $14 billion (assuming they hold their price, also very unlikely), and the CEO’s stake would drop to around 30% of the combined entity.

Reasons this won’t happen:

1) The CEO will not give up control

2) EA shareholders won’t take Nexon shares, because they would likely drop a ton when the float goes from $1.5 billion to $8 billion

3) EA management would recommend against an offer below $25 (where stock traded in October in a weaker market) and likely would reject an offer below $30

4) Nexon would be the acquirer, and would attempt to run a company with $6 billion in revenues that is in mobile, social, MMO and packaged goods, all things Nexon has never done before, at a size 4x their current size

5) EA management would NOT be in control, so the potential for a loss of key employees is huge

6) There are few, if any synergies, and no reason to believe that Nexon could run EA’s assets more efficiently. Nexon shareholders would own a completely different company than what they bought in the December IPO

My takeaway is that this deal cannot happen. Nexon couldn’t pull off a stock-for-stock deal for the reasons above, and would have difficulty financing an all-cash deal to make EA shareholders happy. If it did, it would have around 50% of its market cap in debt, and there would be a tremendous amount of skepticism about whether Nexon could manage EA’s assets any better than EA management currently does.

(thx GI)

Rule the Pool with this Tetris Swimsuit

So I’ve been reading around and I came across an article about a recent trend towards fashion design inspired by video games. More than ever, fashion artists are dipping into video game lore and basing their designs on familiar characters such as Mario, Sonic, Altair, etc. If this swimsuit is any indication of where the market is headed, my dream of seeing video-game character-themed cosplay-bikinis may not be as far off as I thought.


(thx Kotaku)

Calvin “Megatron” Johnson Will Become Madden ’13 Cover Boy


Calvin “Megatron” Johnson has won the EA Sports fan-voted tournament to become the Madden ’13 cover boy. He beat out Panthers QB Cam Newton in the finals.  There have been many bad things that happened to whomever appears on these covers. Will he be able to finally break the “Madden curse” by having another great year in the NFL? We will find out in the 2012-2013 NFL season soon enough!

The Walking Dead: The Game Finally Bites Its Way Into Your Console

I’ve been talking about The Walking Dead since I started working here, only because it’s worth all the words. You might think, “Oh, not another zombie game.” Well, it isn’t actually. What sets The Walking Dead: The Game apart from almost every zombie game out there is its unique way to emphasize character development and its character-driven stories. You see, back in 2003, The Walking Dead comic book started its inevitable rise to mainstream America thanks to writer Robert Kirkman and artist Tony Moore. That’s right, it was a comic book first before becoming a tv show. Since then, The Walking Dead was and still to this day praised by millions of fans, not because of the hack and slash, gory, and violent depiction of zombies and ways to kill them. Which, by the way, current artist Charlie Adlard and inker/colorist Cliff Rathburn are doing an exceptional work. It is because of the story of a man and his struggle to survive. Questions like “what if a man is put in a certain situation, what will he do to survive and keep everyone around him safe?” was clearly studied extensively by the series’ writer Robert Kirkman.

The same goes for the video game, eerily similar to the award-winning book. A man whose past must not delve into the present, is put in tragic and self-contemplating circumstances, now must find his way to endure everything that is being thrown at him. You still want to sink your teeth into this game? No worries. The first episode of the five-episodic series is out today on Playstation Network, Xbox Live Arcade, Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X, and iOS for only $4.99. Also, you will be able to pre-purchase the entire season for as low as $19.99 which would give you a savings of $4.99 and an exclusive theme for your PlayStation 3 console.

Here are the themes:



Also, the next episodes are released one month after the other. Expect to enjoy your summer with blood and gore.

If you want more information on this batboy to slightly lean you towards into buying this game, I have dug this up from Youtube and have made them available for you to watch right here on our site. Thanks to Machinima, we are given an inside look at the gameplay of this game, which is not included in my previous The Walking Dead: The Game post. The guys from Machina have sat down with one of the game’s developers from Telltale games and gives us and in-depth summary of the things to come. Highlighting some key issues and character cameos and supporting roles. Be sure to watch these videos.


Naughty Dog’s “The Last of Us”

Back in early December of last year, a teaser for a mysterious new PlayStation 3 exclusive appeared on the internet. A cryptic trailer showed live action shaky camera footage of burnt cars, quarantined zones, displaced families wearing hospital masks, and violent riots occurring. We found out the name of the game, Last of Us, but no one had any idea what it was about nor the slightest hint of whoever was making the game. At the same time, another connected video was shown about an ant moving hesitantly until something came out and started growing out of its head. People quickly connected the video to BBC program Planet Earth, specifically the segment on the Cordyceps fungus. This parasite forces an ant to climb to a certain height, kills it, and then grows out from its decaying body, and eventually releases spores to infect other ants. Then you ask what’s that got to do with Last of Us, well, we were about to find out a few days later when the first trailer debuted at the Spike TV Video Game Awards.

Here’s the debut trailer:

The trailer looks great, won’t you agree? Plus that iconic Naughty Dog logo would send any fan into a frenzy. Naughty Dog is the creator of note-worthy games such as the classic Crash Bandicoot, Jak and Daxter, and the hit Uncharted franchise.

Fresh off of the success of Uncharted 3, Naughty Dog decides to take their experience into the post-apocalyptic theme. The main characters, Joel and Ellie, just tries to survive by scavenging and looking for supplies while evading and defending themselves from both the infected and the unwanted human contact. For Ellie, this is the only life she knows. “This is our routine. Day and night all we do is survive. It never lets up,” as she says on the trailer. Apart from the survivalist angle, we don’t know what the title’s gameplay is like, but we imagine that the fungus’ effect on both people and animals offers wide-ranging options for enemy types. According to Wikipedia, The Last of Us is slated to hit shelves on either late 2012 or early 2013.

Anyway, the topic buzzing from the fans in the internet is whether there will be any multiplayer content. From the looks of it, with all of the human factions scavenging through the cities, it’s not impossible to expect any online multiplayer in the Last of Us.

Here’s more pictures to quench your thirst for more Last of Us. Focusing more on the protagonists Joel and Ellie:


There are tons of screenshots of the game, which you can find here. Ironically, you’ll be sent to the original website once you click the link in the next page.

How To Stop Scoring Runs in NBA 2k12

In NBA 2k12, just like real basketball, there will be scoring runs where the other teams get on a roll and it will seem unstoppable. Sometimes it feels like they can’t stop making every basket whether it’s in your face, or wide open. I will give you some tips for when this happens to you in NBA 2k12. This would usually happen in the All-Star, Superstar or Hall of Fame difficulty. It will feel like the computer player would make everything in your face, and frustrate you. Here are some of the ways I found out to stop them and their momentum:

Use Timeouts Effectively

In this year’s game, timeouts are VERY effective. If you feel like the other team is gaining momentum slowly, it will be a great idea to call a timeout to slow or stop that momentum. Usually when the other team scores 6 points in a row, I’ll call a timeout if I have some to spare. I suggest to use as much as you can, as long as you have at least 3-4 timeouts to save for the fourth quarter. It really does stop their momentum and you will slowly have to gain your momentum back by playing good defense and shooting high-quality shots (and making them).

Keep Your Composure

There are times when you can get frustrated while playing, and may even make stupid decisions like passing when the player is not open or shooting an unnecessary shot. These are the things that will help the other team keep their run up and just make you furious. When it comes to times like these, calling a timeout would help. After that, just relax and play your game. Do NOT force anything if it isn’t there, and take what they give you. If they are playing aggressive defense, try to calm down and see what is available for you to do. Whatever you do, do not make bad choices or this will lead to the other team staying on their run. Take a deep breath and just do you!

Focus On Inside Scoring

Sometimes your outside shot is just not working and you need to stop living in the outside scoring forcing 3’s and not giving it to your post players. If you have good post players, use them! This is a great way to get back in the game. It is always much better for your team to play inside-out, which means to play the post first and if there is anything double-team, kick it out to your open shooters. If nobody is double-teaming you, try to do what you can to keep it inside in the post. However, if you have a good penetrating guard or forward, you can use them this way, too. Use screens to get yourself open lanes and penetrate the defense. If you keep doing this, the defense is bound to collapse on you. Once this happens, you can get open shots by kicking it out to your shooters! This is a great way to get your offense going if nothing good is happening for your team.

Use The Playbook

I have recently found out that using the playbook may help your offense a lot! The other team was just going on a roll, so I called a timeout and a deep breath first. After that, I tried to switch it up by running plays. This worked to perfection. The shooters got open shots because of screens and the other team was getting frustrated, especially when I played good defense on them and slowed the pace down when needed. If you don’t run plays for players, try it out because it will just help you out and make you more unpredictable. Just know the basic plays and you can be effective and stop their momentum in no time! (Originally posted on HubPages)