Epic Mickey 2: The Musical

When one thinks Mickey Mouse, one thinks Disney. And when one thinks Disney, one may think musicals. And when they think of Disney musicals, they think of songs like this. The question shouldn’t be “why?” but rather “why not?”

“Indeed, if you’re making a Disney game, why not a musical? Ever since the very first Mickey Mouse cartoon, Steamboat Willie (one of the first to feature synchronized sound), the studio and music have been intertwined. It’s doubtful Snow White and the Seven Dwarves would have been the megahit it was without “Whistle While You Work,” “Heigh-Ho,” and “Someday My Prince Will Come.” Many people associate Disney with the great songs created for their films in the late ’80s and ’90s, including Aladdin’s “Friend Like Me” and The Lion King’s “Hakuna Matata.””


It’s only natural since Disney has a rep with these kinds of things. Epic Mickey 2, apparently, will be part musical as well. This isn’t the first time a game has done this as Nightmare Before Christmas had this a few years back. The only difference is that it’ll feature original songs in the game so that’s something to look forward to. Yes, you should be excited. What’s Disney without its music?


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