Nintendo Looking to Obtain Streaming Rights from Cable Companies

Nintendo may be looking to turn their next generation console into a media machine.  This comes as bit of a shock because at the time the original Wii was announced some seven years ago, Nintendo execs seemed adamant about keeping it a gaming console and nothing more.  Fast forward to today…

the word is that Nintendo wants to take a page out of Xbox’s playbook for Wii U, which is expected to be the only major console launch in 2012. One source said that Nintendo is even considering a similar deal with Comcast to become a cable TV distribution.

Per multiple sources, Nintendo executives did arrange meetings with “a select number of top content companies” including multiple cable networks and Web video producers at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas last month, focusing on sports and music content.

(source ADWEEK)

Can you imagine (if Nintendo were able to pull this off) being able to stream cable television from the Wii U to the tablet controller?  How sick would that be?  At the very least, I’m just glad to see Nintendo is looking to potentially expand their hardware’s capability and get with the times. It’s still a long road if they’re looking to catch up to rival Microsoft’s Xbox Live in terms of functionality, but this is a great step.


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