Dice Hiring Anti-cheat Administrator

Are you good with computers? Want to get into the gaming industry? To counteract hackers from banning 150 players in BF3, Dice has opened a position for a full time security admin to watch over and protect the players from would-be bad guys.

“The administrator will compose an absolutely vital function to secure the online experience our games represent by actively be a part of the community and keep up to date with the current cheat exposure. The administrator will also own the analytical work with our player behavior data to keep our leaderboards and game play filled with fair play.”


As the job posting states, they’re looking for the administrator. Not administrators. So more likely than not it’ll be one man to battle against thousands. Sounds epic and stressful at the same time. But that’s just me. Good luck and have fun on the apps!

Minecraft Pranks

Old news, but I’m surprised it wasn’t posted yet. We’re all familiar with the term “pranking”, “griefing”, etc. MineCraft is no virgin to this as public and private servers alike are often invaded by people looking to set a few things on fire. But this goes beyond the player level of griefing. Yes, if you look closely at the above picture, you will notice something inserted in the single player button that was supposed to be the African translation of going solo.

“In these snapshots there are about 50 language files translated by the community, and it happens that they are ruined by pranksters,” Bergensten said. “Players are quick to find and fix these, so they are removed in the next snapshot.”

“Snapshot builds” are useful to Mojang because they help identify bugs and provide feedback on new features in progress. It’s also a way to show eager, avid users what is coming next.

However, as “snapshot builds” are pushed out weekly, this code won’t be fixed to remove the offensive language until the next build rolls out, which Bergensten said will be Thursday.”


This version is not available to everyone as only a few have come across this. Although it may be funny to some, let’s hope something like this doesn’t happen again for the sake of keeping Mojang’s rep intact.

From The Desk Of The Chatterbox: “I Think I Hate Gamers” part 3.

The Chatterbox is back with another encounter with one of our fellow “special” gamers…

To provide a little background on the situation, I was waiting for my group of friends to get set up and logged in one night and I happened to be changing around somethings on my Xbox Live profile and clicked on the “View Rep” tab and saw that of the gamers that have played against me or on my team, 30% have marked me as a “Preferred Player” and the other 70% marked me as an “Avoided Player” with the reasoning all being game behavior! 11% Was Quit Early (sometimes you get put into a match when you’re trying to get out of the game), 33% Unsporting Conduct (I don’t MOD, spawn kill, etc. I just simply PLAY the GAME), and 56% being Overly Agressive (I chat in party while playing games where the object is to KILL the other player. Am I really supposed to bake them a cake and let them kill me before I can kill them a 2nd consecutive time?)! I was somewhat shocked to see that. I don’t understand why for a service I pay for, why people can give me negative reviews for doing nothing absolutely wrong. I think the majority of the negativity is coming from somebody with sour grapes.

Anyway, on to my story…

After checking my “Rep”, I get into a game with my party for some Gears of War 3 multiplayer and I’m getting destroyed like its my job. Shotguns, Rifles, Grenades… if it’s in the game, I’m getting killed with it. Suddenly, I pick up one of the guys’ patterns. We end up meeting in the middle at the start of each round and this guy would throw a smoke grenade which leads to me getting Shotgunned to death. This instance I happened to rev up my chainsaw lancer and got lucky with a chainsaw execution of gamertag: IZI RoberT IZI… and immediately it flashes with his name on the screen “IZI RoberT IZI has left“. About 5 minutes later starts this conversation between this guy (who messaged me first) and myself…

Message 1: chainsaw really? ur that bad?
My Reply: You sir are welcome!:D My team ended up winning that one, so good thing you quit.
Message 2: whatever you little pussy
My Reply: 😀 U Mad?
Message 3: that was a great comeback kid. just like all the other faggots
My Reply: How would you prefer I finish you off next time? Are you really getting chainsawed that much? I’m also 27 and going bald. I’m hardly a kid.
Message 4: yeah i get chainsawed a fucking bunch im tired of it
My Reply: Maybe you should play Kinectimals… eh?
Message 5: says the guy who likes to take bubble baths (I wrote on my profile that I like to take bubble baths, which I DO)
My Reply: Yeah… and? Does it make you more or less upset that its by a guy who likes bubble baths?
chainsawing you that is…
(end conversation)

My problem with this is why why why if you get so upset that you need to contact somebody using nasty language and derogatory terms, would you play a game that makes you that way? I play video games with the same courtesy that I use while I’m at my day to day job dealing with people. Has anybody else ever had encounters with people like that before? I’ve seen messages from some of my female gamer friends from people who tell her they hope she gets gang-raped… OVER A VIDEO game! Sure, I encourage you to turn the other cheek… most of the time, but I think that as gamers who are usually depicted as a shit-stain on society (as pictured above), we need to hold ourselves to a higher degree of professionalism. In this, if I have to go it alone I will, but we need to start calling out “Lame Gamers” which I fully intend to do.

In closing, if you have a story like this (please provide message images), send em on my way and I’ll post them right here. Maybe I’m wrong here in calling out our potential “demo”, and maybe I’M the actual problem… maybe.

Please discuss this with me in the comments below or take to my twitter @Chatterbox4REAL and call me out if you must. I love a good debate (please keep it clean, though). Until next time…


NOTE: All of the views in the above article are that of The Chatterbox and The Chatterbox only!!!

Nintendo’s Approach to Online Gaming


So, Nintendo is trying to raise the bar on its online interactivity in the next gen system. With the 3Ds reaching 60% of users using the internet, Nintendo is looking to expand on this. It’s about time, in my opinion and online connectivity would definitely boost Nintendo’s “attractiveness” towards a wider audience. But now it’s time for something that’s open for discussion: with the other gaming platforms embracing online play, do you think it’s safe for Nintendo’s audience to jump into a system that’s more dependent on internet connection? Some of you may be thinking “why not?” If you think about it, the only kinds of games that Nintendo has offered that had online play were games like Pokemon, Mario Kart, Smash Bros, etc.

Now if you compare it to the other sytems, they got… CoD, BF3, Gears of War, Halo, Grand Theft Auto, etc. Most of which are games catered to the teens/young adult audience. Imagine an audience ranging from… say 5-12 years of age coming into this environment. The internet is a dangerous place.

“Millions of children who do not communicate on the Internet use [Flipnote]. We are taking on various challenges including how to operate the system of note exchanges by children freely in a safe manner. In short, we trust the great potential of the network, but we are still in pursuit of originality through trial and error.


See, they, too, are concerned about the children.

But on the plus side there would be so much more to offer. A means to communicate with others via Flipnote is a start and if Nintendo’s going to up the ante on this it’s definitely going to be something worth trying out.

Time for Resident Evil: Revelations!


Ok, so the story this time Isn’t so great :( but who cares? You get to shoot more zombies!
Resident Evil: Revelations begins on a screwed up broken down cruise in the Mediterranean. Once completed, you’re back on land and away from the possible motion sickness of the seas. You begin your epic quest as Jill Valentine, with new partner Parker Luciani at her side. Together you must face various dangers in tight situations during Both the cruise and on land. RE: Revelations will take place in 2005 between RE:4 and RE:5! Your main mission is to search for the lost member Chris Redfield. Which, as it turns out, his last transmition.. was on that bad cruise liner. After long hours of head hunting, eventually you will stumble upon a New enemy! Not much I’m going to say about it, but know it Will be fun!

Catch you copy exclusively for the 3DS on February 7 for $40.

Waiting to get a Valentine this year? Too bad! It’s going to be a Mass Effect 3 DEMO!


It’s official! I may be a little late on this, but I can still let everyone know about this! Mass Effect 3: DEMO will be available on Valentines Day! <3 <3 <3 yaaaayy! Maybe you wont be so lonely this year.... unless you already have a Valentine. In which case, congrats! Go play together. Mass Effect 3: DEMO will be available for XBOX360 / PS3 / and PC with both Single and Multiplayer Content! MS3 will also have Kinect Compatability! So that way you can scream out commands to your tv, and make yourself look like an idiot. Don't worry I'm just messing around, it's tons of fun actually. You'll be able to enjoy the Demo untill it's release date on March 6th!

Need Help? Just Ask Evi!


For the many of us that Don’t have an iPhone 4s with iOS, this might help you out!
Introducing Evi! A Usefull virtual assistances like Siri, only it’s actually available for those IN the U.S.
*Siri was only available Outside the states…*
Evi can be installed onto any iPhone model that has iOS 4.0. and is also available for Android phone users via Beta Android Version

She can answer any question you ask her, rather it be for informational purposes OR personal. She’ll answer to the best of her ability. Want to know how to make something like, I don’t know.. “Beef Stew” just ask Evi and she’ll whip you up a good recipe. Whereas Siri only sends you web links, Evi will actually give you a List of recipes! Mmmm.. Anyway! Even though Evi may still be in beta stage (like Siri) she works pretty amazing! As of now, Evi has Over a billion facts in her database available at your fingertips. And she’s still growing.

If Evi intersets you, you can buy her for a very low $0.99

Soul Calibur 5 DLC Announced

Soul Calibur isn’t out yet, but that hasn’t stopped Namco from announcing that their will be three packs of DLC available following the launch of Soul Calibur 5 next week.

Each pack of DLC includes 9 exotic customization items. This will include face paint, wings, animal heads, kimonos, masks, breast plates, camo, skulls, and bikinis…sweeeet! The three packs will be released in February by within a week of one another.

Oh and some original music from the previous installments will also be available.

DLC is cool and all, but sometimes I wonder why they announce plans for DLC before a game is launched. If neat little features are already available and can be easily implemented, then put them in the damn game!! These games still cost a nut and our first born, so why do they continue to stick it to us with these little bells and whistles that aren’t too essential to gameplay? </end rant>