PS3 New Policies: No suing allowed

What a fun summer Sony has had. With hacking here and there people were pissed off enough to start taking a stand against Sony specifically, the PS3 console. Whether you went the legal route or just a different console route; Sony has tried to make amends with the general public by offering free stuff (games playstation +). Apparently that was not enough to settle the angry consumers who’s information was compromised. As a result Sony decided to come up with a different solution..

 A new solution to this problem beyond beefing up security (and it’s not retaining the features you paid for): if you accept the next mandatory system update, you sign away your ability to take part in a class-action lawsuit. The only option left for consumers if they agree is binding individual arbitration.

You can however opt out of this new policy by sending a letter to Sony since there is no way to opt out electronically because well that would be too easy, and is essentially counting on you the consumer to be lazy.

So there you have it.. Please READ the FINE Print!

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Smartphone gaming the Future?

A name that you should be familiar with Keiji Inafune who created Mega Man talks about mobile phone gaming will become as common as a PS3 or XBOX360 console. Each console however, having its own unique experience.

“In one sense, the Smartphone games are more flexible. Say you’re waiting for a train and you have spare time, you can play a game, and you can actually finish that game in time,” Inafune said. “But if people have more time, I think people will still play a good game on PS3 or Vita or something like that.” “We have to think about that when we’re making new games, because it’s kind of becoming very easy to let people play games now,” he said. “They don’t have to buy big consoles to play simple games. So that’s what we should think about for the future.”

Well said…




Portal for free download on Steam

As part of a program called Learn With Portals, Valve is giving away the original Portal for free on Steam until September 20th. Check out the full project bio and a link for the download on their website here. For the rest of us uneducated folk, a free game is always a good thing. Check out the video below to see kids in nice buildings messing with Portal.