New Twisted Metal Gameplay

I remember way back when I used to play Twisted Metal on the Playstation One—listening to Rob Zombie while jamming the buttons for cheat codes so that I could kick my cousin’s ass…

Looks like this time I won’t need cheat codes…because in this PS3 exclusive game (sorry Xbox gamers–me) we get to use helicopters, fully pimped out big rigs, and BIG BALLS…

But more importantly it looks like they have answered our calls and have given us the weapon we have all been waiting for… launch-able patients in wheelchairs (0:22 seconds)…yeah…(thxpsb)

Half Life 2 in Real Life


Over a year ago, the Purchase Brothers released an amazing short showing us what Half Life 2 would be like in real life. It was so impressive that Valve flew them over to have a chat…possible Half Life movie???

Well, they have finally released Part Two.

This time around they show us what Half Life 2 would be like in real life…….if you had a hot Russian girlfriend.

Skyward Sword Gold Bundle Announced


A special limited-edition The Legend of Zelda™: Skyward Sword bundle containing the game and a gold* Wii Remote™ Plus controller will be available when the game launches on Nov. 20. (thxnc)

To go along with it, every copy of the game from the initial release date will come with a special OST CD. This is including the standard-edition game.  Expect the limited-edition version with gold Wii Remote to sit at $69.99.

Prototype 2: Be Part of the Game


It’s still going to be a while until the game actually drops (around April 2012) but GameStop’s got a special promo running for Prototype 2. If you pre-order the game you’ll get a chance to win a trip to Radical Studios up in Canada. Aside from the usual backstage tour and the previews you’ll get of the game, you’ll actually get the chance to have your face scanned for  some character their putting in the game. Unfortunately, the promo doesn’t specify what role your character will actually play in the overall story. Regardless it’s still cool to know people are playing a game that has your face floating around there somewhere.

Now I know what you’re thinking: “I’m not exactly photogenic. Is the prize even worth it?” Hell yeah, it is. Think about it. When those little kids are playing the demo at a game store and your digitalized face comes up on that flat screen, you now have the ability to tell those kids: “Hey, you see that fat guy with the Cheetos stains on his shirt? That’s me.”

More info on the promo can be found here.

Chatterbox Review: Rocklive Mike Tyson’s Main Event Pauly D update!

Ever wanted to punch one of the cast members of MTV’s Jersey Shore in the face? Here’s your chance!

Over the weekend, Rocklive sent Push notifications that they added an update to their version of the hybrid NES Mike Tyson’s Punchout/SNES Punchout that includes DJ Pauly D. as soon as I downloading it, I hit the ring to do some damage. Here’s my thoughts.

Pauly D was a free update for users who downloaded on Friday. From there, I’m not sure how much it costs, but it can’t be much. Since I’ve already and unloacked all of the fighters, Pauly D was next in line. Out of all the cast members though, he would be one I actually don’t mind. He seems pretty cool (aside from his Dick Tracy’s Flat-Top villain hair).

Round 1: Dj Pauly D is protected behind the turntable, enabling him to throw records at you to dodge. This is basically how the first round ends.

Round 2: It’s T-shirt time! Pauly D puts down the records and gets his battle on with you. Watch out for his super Macho Man-like punch. It lands quite a bit of the time. Work punches on both head and body after he misses.

Round 3: It’s time to go for broke. If you don’t knock him out or knock him down 3 times to win, then you automatically lose. Keep dodging his punches and work head and body shots. There you have it.

All in all, it was a pretty awesome addition to my ipod app… especially at the price of free. If you haven’t already, go and download it. It’s a decent time killer if you’re stuck in traffic, in the dentist/doctor’s office, etc. It definitely brings me back to the original NES days. Mike Tyson’s Punchout was one of our first and favorite games.

This one definately gets my seal of approval. I would say 2 “fist pumps” up. Be sure to follow me on twitter @_The_Chatterbox and follow on twitter @gamevain.

Graphically Yours,
The Chatterbox

Chatterbox Review: Xbox Kinect’s Hole In The Wall!

Hole in the Wall – Fun for the family? Or fun for 15 minutes? Let’s discuss this!

Welcome back to another edition of my Chatterbox Review. Today, I will be reviewing the Kinect adaptation of the popular TV show “Hole in the Wall”. There isn’t much to really say that you can’t already expect. There is a wall that comes out at you and you’re forced to make the pose or you lose. That’s pretty much the basis of the game. There are a few modes to play, but it all pretty much stays the same. The cost of this game is 800 MS points so it’s really a toss up. As simple as the game’s concept is, it has a fun multiplayer and can be a riot with a large group of people… and alcohol. I’m undecided on whether or not this get’s my seal of approval.

I’m not saying you shouldn’t buy this, but ABC’s Wipeout offers more variety in kinect useage.

Graphically Yours,

The Chatterbox