The Hunted: Demon’s Forge: Happy Together Trailer

You have to give it to Bethesda for making some damn interesting trailers and commercials.

The Hunted: Happy Together trailer(below) is a perfect example of that commercial perfection. There is another video game that used that same song a while back(Well Bethesda used a cover of the song). Can you guess what game it is? Well you don’t have to sit around and ponder cause I included both trailers below.

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Daily Pic: Sexy Tetris

I believe at this point in time one of the fucking bricks should be calling a doctor ASAP! I mean shit do they want his blocks to fall off?  Look at the Viagra side effects below,

Viagra Side Effects: Diarrhea; dizziness; flushing; headache; heartburn; stuffy nose; upset stomach.

Just get a boner the old fashion way….hire a hooker.

Disclaimer: I really don’t know where I was going with this post.

Red Faction Origins: Movie/TV adaptation

SyFy channel will be airing the Red Faction video game series into a TV movie. Those of you are are not familiar with the game series. Here is some brief factoids from the first game that started it all:

  • Takes Place on Mars late 21st century
  • You play a guy who helps lead a rebellion against a corporation
  • There is a disease call “the plague” in which there is no antidote (problems)

You later find out conspiracy (shocker) and that There is an antidote and you spend most of the game finding it playing hero /the end

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Weekend Babe-ary #13

This Memorial Day Weekend Babe-ary goes to Erika Heynatz a 35 year old Australian actress and model. She is the voice and face of Elsa Lichtman in Rockstar’s hit game L.A. Noire. Which makes her a sexy vixen who has contributed to the video gaming industry. I would like her L.A. my Noire…(Whatever that means?!).

So today, Erika Heynatz,

GameVain Salutes You!

No Sale on Steam this Memorial Day

Today like most of you I was expecting crazy Memorial Day sales to be all over the net. Video games for as low as a dollar! Usually in the foreground of that bargaining is Valves Steam store. But this year for some reason there will be no sales on steam(Besides the $2 off they usually give you). My instant reaction is what the fuck! Its probably Sony’s fault.

Daily Pic: Gaming Over Bitches

Yes, this kid with the Xbox remote in hand had to make a choice he made the correct one. He picked gaming over bitches, while his best friend is making out with his sister he is profusely leveling up in Call of Duty: Black Ops. Keep at it kid one day you will learn to balance gaming and bitches….mostly because you won’t have any bitches to balance(did I just piss off the community?).

Daily Pic: How Video Game Developers Design Characters

Wow, seriously what developer head quarters was this scratch paper stolen out of? The guys at Nether Realm Studios(Mortal Kombat Dev)? This is probably the most accurate depiction of the industry. Video game chicks are basically the new generations HBO porn(Shout out to Passion Cove).

MineCraft Update 1.6.4

Minecraft updated today so the game uses more CPU.  Here is the release from Mojang on the subject:

* Fixed 1.6.3 using more CPU despite it claiming to use less
* Totally professional

Yep that’s basically the only difference. You have to love Mojang it is like you develop the game right alone with them.

Sony Ericsson Canada Website Hacked

Sony Ericsson’s Canadian website has just been hacked! The Canadian website was hacked by the anonymous group of hackers named ANON. The onslaught began after Sony sued known hacker GEO HOTZ.  Even after Sony apologized for suing GEO HOTZ, the ANON group still will not stop. Recently 74 Million PS3 accounts were hacked by the group.  This is costing Sony a shit load of money and hopefully they can recover from this soon.