The Story Behind Black Ops: Nazi Zombies PART 2

Well guys I promised a video that will better explain the Nazi Zombies story and I believe I have found it. This guy breaks down the story behind Kino Der Toten zombie level like no one has before. Check out the video below. I promise you will not be disappointed.

If any of you have any theory’s or videos that are interesting please post them in the comments below.

Legend of Zelda Sword and Shield Replica

Considering I just posted a replica Legend of Zelda Ocarina this article is quite appropriate.

A company called Fiber Glass Blades has created some of the most detailed and realistic Legend of Zelda swords/shields known to man(don’t quote me on that lol).  Coupled with your replica Legend of Zelda Ocarina you can fight the forces of Ganondorf in your neighborhood.

Seriously kids although these swords and shields are cool I suggest you not buy them. The last thing I need to do is turn on the 5 o’clock news to hear a kid was gunned down by the police because he was playing with his sword and shield and accidentally took a Walgreen’s hostage.


Daily Pic: Super Mario Shelf

Super Mario products are all the rage now-a-days. Check out this Super Mario shelf in the picture above. It makes your home seem like your in Mario’s wet dream.  Its actually pretty cool, I just don’t know what age person would enjoy this? The nerdy 40 year old father or the 3 year old son.

To check out more pictures click here.

PS3 to Allow Saving Games in the Cloud!

So it looks like the upcoming update for PS3 will allow games to saved on Sony’s servers as an added service you get for being a Playstation Plus Member (kinda like Xbox Live, since only like 3 people own PS3.)

This will allow PS3 owners to leave their console and home and pick up where they left off on their friends console just by signing in.

This is a pretty cool feature and will likely be the trend across all consoles. Be prepared to see this VERY soon on xbox, wii, etc.

See more here.

3DS in Japanese Subways

Japanese Subways just got ..err.. Awesomer?

Looks like nintendo is setting up 3DS promotional booths in Japanese subway stations so the population can become even more enthralled by gadgetry.

I can’t wait ’till Nintendo puts these up next to all the LA bus stopsations so every homeless man can have a 3DS.

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Legend of Zelda: Real Life Ocarina

For $85 dollars you can have a Legend of Zelda themed Ocarina. The ocarina comes with a protective bag and a song book for you to enjoy.  Check out the video below of a girl playing the ocarina. I mean what kind of bullshit marketing is this? We all know a girls would never touch an ocarina. That’s like saying an Oompa Loompa loves candy…when they sang songs about how that shit sucks. Anyway I still would buy one who cares what people think(Wow, I am a walking contradiction).

Thanks Andrew for the info!


New Black Ops Zombie Map Ascension: Full Gameplay Video!

Below is the full video of the new zombie map on the Call of Duty: Black Ops First Strike Map Pack. The map is called Ascension and it puts the player in a Russian launch station. You will notice from the beginning of the game the colors are washed out on the screen…until you turn the power on. Then all the color comes back to the screen and all hell breaks loose. There is a whole set of new perks plus a couple new weapons. Check out the video below.

P.S. Your going to have to kill fucking monkeys in this level.  I am not to excited about that. If don’t understand what I am talking about check out the video and you’ll figure it out.

Ascension drops tomorrow February 1st on the XBOX Live Market Place.

The Story Behind Black Ops: Nazi Zombies

This is actually good informative, there is actually a better video floating around on Youtube that I have been looking for but still no luck. It might just be a rumored video but its supposed to clear up all questions about the story. The other video was rumored to be created by Treyarch but as of right now it seems to still be a rumor.  Anyway check out the video below.

Updated: I think the “five” this guy keeps referring to in this video is just foreshadowing the “five” zombie level you get when you beat the game.

Top Ten Banned Video Games

The video below is of the Top Ten Banned Video Games  – voted by Machinima.

Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare was banned in the Arab world because it stereotyped the Arabs as terrorists and enemies. Which is an imagine the Arab nations have been trying to detach themselves from for a while.

There is a game that is banned in the U.S. that is way more controversial but did not make this list(I wonder why??!).

The game is called UnderSiege and it was made by the Syrian government.  It follows the journey of a Palestinian boy who can’t take the Israel’s occupation in the West Bank.  He finally uses weapons to resist the Israeli army and here in lies your first person shooter.  Syria made this game in response to American games also depicting Arabs as terrorists/threat.

Seems super crazy huh! Governments actually use games to try and change peoples political perspective. Remember that next time you play Call of Duty.  PWN! DO WORK, DID WORK, STRUT!

I know the Guy Game looks really cool because you get to see boobies. But it takes like 45 minutes  just to see some nudity. You’re better off going to one of the 10,000 free porn websites on the internet.

Wow that was the most controversial post I have ever done. I hope the FBI doesn’t shut us down.

Daily Pic: Super Mario Wall Paper (Awesome!)

Check out this really cool Super Mario 8-bit wall paper!  For $75 dollars you get 36 different decals images from the original Super Mario Bro’s game. Just  stick them around your room and presto, your in NES land! Just make sure you don’t forget to buy furniture after like this dumbass girl above.

You can check them out here.

MLB 2K11: Brian Wilson’s Beard Vs Sweet Honey

The recent MBL 2K11 commercials have been pretty hilarious. Brian Wilson pretty much states in the commercial below that his beard is better than sweet honey. Congrats Brian! Someone needs to hold up the Billy Mays beard  after he died. I just hope Brian Wilson makes the move from Baseball to infomercials. Fuck the Sham Wow guy!