GameVain Reflects: Top Ten Best 2010 Articles

So, I really wanted to reflex back on 2010 and talk about some things that made this site possible and other things that were quite hysterical in the development.

A while ago I decided that I needed to open up a game blog(for no reason lol), I was getting fed up with all the CNN type game news sites out there and I wanted to be more bold and more like true gamers. So I called my friend Elie(Dr. FoodBeast) and had him teach me the basics of website development, I then did some research alone and began to step by step develop the first version of GameVain.  After a few test versions of the site I launched the site on August 2nd, 2010. Since then it has been a great time in developing this website and I would like to count down the top ten best articles in the short history of GameVain. After I do so I will tell you guys two horrible things that happened to me in the history of this website.

So number 10

Kinect Can Read Sign Language!

This is a funny post I decided to do in the beginning of this website and its something that is generally over looked but still funny as hell!

Number  9

Radio GameVain

This was an all around good time in creating this post for the website. Its basically the most horrible radio show you will ever hear with Victor and Me narrating shit.

Number 8

The Man Super Mario Was Based On!

This was quite an amazing article and picture of the original Super Mario.

Number 7

Daily Pic: Princess Peach Double D’s

Really funny ass Daily Pic that went up in the beginning of the websites history.

Number 6

Biggest Call of Duty Fail Ever

This video is extremely funny and its based off this video you should probably watch this first!

Number 5

Worst Gamer Tag Ever!

This is an original post made my me when some jackass pissed me off online.

Number 4

Call of Duty: MW2 Most Amazing Throwing Knife Kill

This is quite a classic!

Number 3

Super Mario Soda Display

This is one of the bigger articles on GameVain this shit is cool!

Number 2

GameVain Experiences Pre-Release Party in L.A.

This was when the GameVainers headed out to LA to enjoy a party at a really sweet event held by Capcom for DeadRising2 release.

Number 1


Yes there are many a girl gamer out there and we salute you all. Basically every time I put a pair of boobies on GameVain the traffic tends to be on the rise. I know you sick fucks are trying to jerk it to the site.  Anyway the post above is of the really smart and intellegent and fuck it….it’s Jessie Nigri’s TIG O BITTIES!  Yes she is my final fantasy.

I want to thank you guys all on a great year and I will see you all tomorrow in 2011(Back to the Future much?).  Leave a comment below taking shit about 2010 or how much you love it and I’ll respond back if you like!

So I promised two horrible experiences I had with the website so far so first….

I got a guy on the site who was supposed to be a writer I taught him everything he knew about websites and basically the douche bag went and stole my idea and created his own competing website. I would link it but it would give him too much traffic, his site is basically done for now because he thought I taught him everything but in actuality I prepared for something like this ahahah YOU ARE A DOUCHE!

Second story I posted an article with a girl and her boyfriend dressed up as cosplay characters and basically as a joke made fun of them a bit. The girlfriend found the picture on my site and contacted me basically stating that I assaulted her boyfriend and made it seem like I raped him. Legally there was nothing she could do so I basically laughed at her email and got back to work. If enough of you email me asking to put it up I will def put up the full email written by her cause its fucking funny. Anyway I LOVE YOU DOUCHE BAGS SEE YOU IN THE NEW YEAR!

PSP2 Touch Screen and Dual Joy Sticks Check it Out Here!

This is what the new PSP2 will look like and yes the PSP2 is no longer a rumor it is a reality. As you can see the PSP2 looks less like hand held and more like a touch tablet. Sony knows that its competing with the largest mobile gaming device on the market the iTouch and the iPad so they decided to utilize what they know to be successful in hand held electronic devices and the new PSP2 will have an HD touch screen. The PSP2 also comes with dual joy sticks which gives it the ability to play first person shooters successfully on the PSP2. Where as the PSP only had one joy stick, when aiming on a FPS you needed to use a third button to do so which slows down the games pace drastically.

Since PlayStation announced the PSP2 at the Tokyo game show there has been very little information about what exactly the PSP2 would look like and when it will be released. We are able to state now with confidence that PSP2 will hit the market in Fall 2011 and the imagine above is what the PSP2 will look like.  Stay tuned more information coming soon. (thxko)

Pokemon White and Black Have a North American Release Date!

Finally these babies have a release date in North America which will be……DRUM ROLL….. March 6. Yes I know that’s a long ass time away considering some jackasses(no offense) half way across the world are playing it already. It’s what we get for living in the United States we get all our games a year after everyone else does, I need to move to Japan ASAP! If you want to know more about this game or read more on the release date check out the full article at GameSpy.