Sonic and Knuckles Shoes

A nine year old drew on these sweet ass shoes, I feel like an idiot that an 9 year old can draw shit like this and all I can draw is arrows on peoples face. Anyway check out what this dudes dad wrote about these shoes.

Every gamer appreciates game crafts. My 9 year old son has always been intrigued by my game crafts that I have done in the past. I showed him gaming shoes that have been created by other crafters and since then, he’s always wanted to make his own. He has been drawing since he was young, as most kids do, however he showed major improvement when he was only 5, close to 6. That is when we knew he had a talent for it. He has loved Sonic the Hedgehog for years and, of course, wanted to make Sonic shoes.


Mega Man Christmas Tree!

Most of you guys should be familiar with the site 8bitfix, well the guy who put this up, his entire family as well as he are obsessed with video games. So much so they believe they live in the world of video games, well that leads us to the Mega Man tree… Yeah its weird but I would def want a crack at all the gifts under the tree! (thx8bit)

Supreme Court Case Continues to Censor Video Games: Video

I really can’t believe they actually want to censor video games, this is unconstitutional. Shit its called freedom of speech for a reason, they have no prof video games cause violence. They have more proof video games cause less violent behaviors if any of these fuck heads(those trying to sensor) would take a class on the physiology of video games they might learn some shit. I hate ignorant people, shit sensor your media scaring us all the fucking time.

Super Mario All Stars: Red Box Pack 25th Anniversary

There is not much info about the All Star Pack as of now. What we do know is that the pack should be sold for as low as $30 because of its Japanese pre-release set price. The pack is being released to celebrate Mario’s 25th anniversary. In the pack there will be a booklet explaining the history of Mario,from the original “Jump Man” origins all the way up to Super Mario Galaxy 2.  The game should come with four original Mario games, most likely being Mario 3, Super Mario Bro’s, Super Mario Bro’s 2, and SNES Mario(Super Mario World), but this is just speculation. Stay tuned for more information on the All Stars pack and  Tell us what you guys think in the comments below!

GameVain Epic Mickey Video Review

This is GameVains video review for Epic Mickey, the game is really cool and you guys should check it out. The game drops in two days November 30, 2010 in the US and you probably should watch the review see if its right for you and go pick it up. Okay just watch the video… Subscribe to GameVain on Youtube!

Game is only on the Wii!

Daily Pic: Soft XBOX360 Pretty Cool lolz

The Holidays are coming and if you don’t want your 4 year old cousin trying to fuck with your XBOX while yelling to your mom cause you won’t let them play it then trick them! Get the soft XBOX above and let them pretend to play XBOX with you for hours and even after they fall asleep they can lay on the soft box. It will be like killing one cousin with 2 stones. Anyway….(thxdev)