Capcom Wants You to Pee Your Pants! Resident Evil Revelations

Basically the new Resident Evil game, Resident Evil Revelations, will be coming to the 3DS after its release in the United States.  The game will be in 3D and will finally give developers an opportunity to make the game feel real, more than ever before. Revelations will try and scare the players into hopefully putting the game down for a period of timeand after a while picking it back up and playing it again(SOOO GIVING THIS GAME TO MY 5 YEAR OLD SHIT OF A COUSIN!). Check the video above from Capcom. On a side note, no Capcom does not want you to pee your pants. after you play this game….but they do want you to shit yourself! 😉

EA: Metal of Honor Pre-Orders are Highest in Company History

EA generated more pre-sales on the new Metal of Honor game than they have for any other game in the past 11 years.  Since the rivalry between Activision and EA continues ,this makes EA extremely happy because Call of Duty has little competitors in the first person shooter genre(they might have one now!).  Most of the impressions of the new Metal of Honor have been fairly good, it will be interesting to see what happens between these two companies.

Bethesda Talks About Fallout New Vegas Art Development.

Bethesda has been recently releasing development diaries of Fallout: New Vegas. The video above is their third diary where they discuss how they incorporated 1950’s style into the new Fallout game. The video gives you insight you wouldn’t normally get on the development of video games. Check it out!

New 3DS Mega Man Announced.

“Almost 10 years to the date after the North American release of Mega Man Legends 2, I am very excited to announce that the Mega Man Legends 3 Project is a reality!” Capcom. Yes, finally you will be able to play another Mega Man and not just buy all the toy versions of him. Capcom promises to get the community involved like never before this time but we are still waiting for information to be leaked. MEGA MAN BITCHS!