New Game Console Rumored By Lenovo!

Chinese PC developers Lenovo have been rumored to want to break into the world of gaming. The supposed project is called the “ebox”, wow how fucking original. Lenovo, because of the steady increase in profits, is ready to tackle a much bigger market than just PC sales (not big enough huh?) and step into the world of games. Lenovo supposedly has their best developers working on something that could rival the XBOX360, Wii, and PS3 in the next coming years. I fucking hope this is a rumor because I could do without another fucking console right now.

Sonic: Free Riders- First Sonic Game That Uses Kinect

Sonic: Free Riders cover art was just released today. The game will be a full body motion game controlled all by Kinect on the XBOX360. Its basically Tony Hawks: Downhill Jam mixed with Mario Kart. Free Riders looks interested but in a bad way, it might be fun to play at target for like three minutes but other than that don’t bother, lets just wait and see what the reviews say about this game. The game will be priced at $49.99, to see the video at E3 where the Sega rep can’t play the game worth shit check below.

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