Wii U is Dead?


The question is not if, the question is when. When will Nintendo finally cut their loses and dump the Wii U and allow other hardware companies to enjoy Nintendo exclusives? The answer is either really soon, or never. Sound confusing? Well that is because it is complicated. Nintendo has suffered losses in the past, but this is the very first time that Nintendo is being pressured by the shareholders to just give up the pipe dream of the Wii U being a thing (like that pun?), and start playing well with others.

Nintendo does have enough money to get through this, but it is probably not the best route. Hopefully the come to their senses and drop the Wii U.

What do you think?

NIS to Publish The Witch and the Hundred Knight Early 2014 in US and EU


Not very much is known about NIS’s upcoming release, The Witch and The Hundred Knight; except it’s an RPG and has a release window of early 2014. The plot seems throwaway and garden variety for the “quirky” JRPG genre, but, like everything NIS publishes, it’s oozing with style.

Unfortunately, I’ve been burned on style more than a couple times.

Key features of this upcoming title include a combo system complete with dodge mechanic, time manipulation, and both Japanese and English voice tracks.

As was the case with the PSP, the end of the PS3 life cycle looks to be rich with oddball JRPGs and I couldn’t be more happy with some of the late PSP releases in this genre (Class of Heroes 2 and Black Rock Shooter come to mind). If the trend remains, I couldn’t be more excited.

Though this is mostly because I cannot afford a next gen console at launch.

New Screens for The Guided Fate Paradox dood!


NIS Games are historically hit or miss, but I am particularly excited for The Guided Fate Paradox™ since

  • It’s a roguelike and I adore NIS’s PSP roguelike Z.H.P.: Unlosing Ranger VS. Darkdeath Evilman
  • Full HD sprites. After Disgaea 4 I cannot get enough HD sprites in my life
  • Art by the legendary Noizi Ito, illustrator for The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya

Apparently, the game has a story too, but story is probably the least important element of roguelike games.

Click to see all of the new screens, and comment below if you think you’ll be picking this one up!

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Gamevain Stands Against A Culture of Hate


Geek culture reminds me of every great civilization; breaking free from the shackles that bound a like minded group of people together. We were nerds. We have been stepped on in high school. We are a culture formed by torn comics, empty social lives, and locker room humiliation.

But those days are long over! Hurray! The Avengers, a movie headlined by B-rank comic book heroes is being watched by everyone, video games are a massive business targeting the world, and celebrities have made their careers from writing about playing World of Warcraft. Now, it’s time for us to continue the long cycle as is our responsibility; to look towards the future, learn from our past humiliation, and finally do some good old bullying of our own.

Wait, whut?

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To Emulate or Not to Emulate? That is the Question.


Emulation is a huge topic in the retro collecting community. The purists say that it is never okay to emulate. These games should be played on the hardware in which they were intended. I somewhat agree with this. The Super Nintendo is my favorite console of all-time. I love playing games on the SNES with that controller.

However, I have been told by Tom that I need to play Earthbound. Now just in case you don’t know, this is one of the most expensive games on the SNES. A retro store in my area has a loose copy and they want $200 for it. I’m a huge cheap skate I am not going to pay that much for a game. Besides that my wife would kill me. So the only way for me to play Earthbound is to emulate it.

Gamevain Video Revisited – Batman: Arkham City Spoof

Originally posted Oct. 19 2011

Arkham City? More like Arkham Shitty…because of the Kinect.

Gamevain founded itself as a pretty cooky gaming news site, and this video only highlights that fact. I like it even more since one of the comments by youtuber nateschreib is “You suck at life.”

Anything that gets that negative of a response can’t be all bad, right?

Either way, I would like us to post more of these videos and comment below if you’d like to see just that!

No matter what you say, we’re going to do it.